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Text and photos by Nick Baker, unless otherwise credited.
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Freshwater fishes of  Southeast Asia

Awareness of the amazing diversity of Southeast Asia's marine fishes is high: coral reefs, for example, are highly photogenic.  The diversity of freshwater aquatic systems, such as forest streams, swamps, pools and lakes is much less appreciated.  The species illustrated on this web page thus serve as an introduction to this incredible diversity.

All images in this section are taken in natural habitat: the perspective is that of an observer standing next to a forest stream peering down into the water.

On this page, the names of introduced freshwater fish species are in

Bonytongues  (Osteoglossiformes : Osteoglossidae)    
Asian Arowana
Scleropages formosus 

Barbs, Rasboras, Danios, Shark-minnows, Carps  (Cypriniformes : Cyprinidae)    

Saddle Barb
Barbodes banksi
  Spanner Barb
Barbodes lateristriga
  Tinfoil Barb
Barbodes schwanenfeldii
  Bornean Spotted Barb
Barbodes sealei
Six-banded Tiger Barb
Desmopuntius hexazona
Hard-lipped Barb
Osteochilus vittatus
  Waandersii's Hard-lipped Barb
Osteochilus waandersii
Malayan Pygmy Rasbora
Boraras maculatus 
  Rosefin Rasbora
Rasbora dusonensis
  Einthoven's Rasbora
Rasbora einthovenii
Two-spot Rasbora
Rasbora elegans
  Harlequin Rasbora
Trigonostigma heteromorpha
Queen Danio
Devario regina
  Apollo Shark-minnow
Luciosoma setigerum
Hampala macrolepidota
Hypsibarbus sp.
  Kelah (Malayan Mahseer)
Tor tambroides 
Loaches  (Cypriniformes : Nemacheilidae & Cobitidae)    
Grey-banded Loach
Nemacheilus selangoricus 
  Spotted Eel-loach 
Pangio muraeniformis

Catfishes  (Siluriformes : Siluridae & Clariidae)     

Hasselt's Leaf Catfish
Silurichthys hasseltii
  Common Walking Catfish
Clarias batrachus
  Forest Walking Catfish
Clarias leiacanthus
  Slender Walking Catfish
Clarias nieuhofii
Swamp Eels (Synbranchiformes : Synbranchidae), Spiny Eels (Synbranchiformes : Mastacembelidae)
Asian Swamp Eel
Monopterus javanensis
  Buff-backed Spiny Eel
Macrognathus maculatus
  Zebra Spiny Eel
Macrognathus zebrinus

Toothcarps  (Cyprinodontiformes : Aplocheilidae, Poeciliidae)

Aplocheilus panchax
Poecilia reticulata
  Common Molly
Poecilia sphenops

Freshwater halfbeaks & needlefishes  (Beloniformes : Belonidae & Hemiramphidae)     

Freshwater Needlefish
Xenentodon canciloides
  Pygmy Halfbeak
Dermogenys collettei
  Forest Halfbeak
Hemirhamphodon pogonognathus

Leaf Fishes  (Perciformes : Nandidae)

Malayan Leaf Fish
Nandus nebulosus
Climbing Gouramies  (Perciformes : Anabantidae)
Asian Climbing Perch
Anabas testudineus
Bettas, Gouramies, Pikeheads  (Perciformes : Osphronemidae)
Forest Betta
Betta pugnax
  Giant Gouramy
Osphronemus goramy
  Three-spot Gouramy
Trichopodus trichopterus
  Croaking Gouramy
Trichopis vittata
  Malayan Pikehead
Luciocephalus pulcher
Snakeheads (Perciformes : Channidae)
Dwarf Snakehead
Channa gachua
  Forest Snakehead
Channa lucius
  Black Snakehead
Channa melasoma
  Giant Snakehead or Toman
Channa micropeltes
  Common Snakehead, Aruan
Channa striata
Commonly introduced cichlids  (Perciformes : Cichlidae)
Peacock Bass
Cichla orinocensis / temensis
Eartheater Cichlid
Geophagus altifrons
  Common Tilapia
Oreochromis mossambicus