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Maned Forest Lizard

Fig 1

Fig 2

Fig 3




Family : Agamidae
Species : Bronchocela jubata
Size (snout to vent) : male 135 mm, female 110 mm
Size (total length) : male ~ 360 mm, female ~ 340 mm

The Maned Forest Lizard, or Maned Slender Agama, inhabits primary and tall secondary lowland rainforest, as well as heavily disturbed areas where fast-growing tall trees occur.

The two specimens illustrated here were spotted between 5 and 10 metres above ground in mixed secondary woodland, adjacent to a deeply incised river gorge on the island of Bali.

The species is characterised by a robust, compressed body, a well-developed nuchal (neck) crest, a less well-developed dorsal crest and a large throat pouch. Its colour is pale to medium green, or sometimes brown, with faint pale barring (sometimes comprising yellow or reddish spots) on the flanks and tail. In some populations there may be one or more thicker buff to white bars in the shoulder area.

Its diet comprises various insects taken from the tree canopy.

This species occurs in Sumatra (including Pulau Nias off the western coast), Borneo (south Kalimantan), parts of Sulawesi, the whole of Java and Bali, and adjacent smaller islands. In the Philippines it occurs on the southerly island of Mindanao.

Fig 1 : Medium-sized adult specimen from Bali, Indonesia.

Fig 2 : Full-grown specimen, with a single characteristic white bar on its shoulder, on Albizia falcataria.  Bali, Indonesia.

Fig 3 : Both specimens shown here were found near the Petanu River, Bali, a steep-sided river gorge dominated by secondary growth and tall Albizia falcataria.

References : H12, H13