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House Shrew


Red-cheeked Squirrel
Peninsular Malaysia


Titiwangsa Horned Tree Lizard
Peninsular Malaysia


Cambodian Striped Squirrel


Breathe ... breathe in the air. A wonderful thing happened this week down here in Singapore ... it rained ! Heavy rain also fell on Sumatra and other islands. It looks like the rainy season has commenced, driven by winds from the north-east. This is good news as it spells the end of the haze, for this year at least.  (Let's not beat about the bush ... this is not haze, rather it is toxic smoke).

Will the Indonesian government be able to prevent the haze from returning next year ?  Dream on. The man-made disaster in Sumatra and Borneo is largely a result of decades of greed, ignorance and mismanagement. It will take many years to reverse the ecological damage to these islands, which were once blanketed in humid, moist rainforest, rather than being blanketed in haze. It needs huge political will - it remains to be seen whether the Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, is up to this monumental task.


Last update : 20th November 2015

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With the rains come the frogs ! I'm looking forward to visiting the forest to listen to what's croaking in the ponds and streams ... and to get more lungfuls of clean, oxygen-rich air.



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