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Mόller's Rat

Family : Muridae
Species : Sundamys muelleri

Head-Body Length : Up to 28 cm
Tail Length : Up to 37 cm
Weight : Up to 470 grams

This large, widespread rat occurs in primary and adjacent secondary forest in southern Myanmar, southern Thailand, Sumatra, Borneo, the Philippine island of Palawan and many smaller islands of the region.

It is mainly a lowland species but has been documented at elevations of up to 1800 metres.  On Mount Kinabalu, Sabah, Borneo it has been recorded up to 1650 metres.

It is predominantly nocturnal, and is mainly terrestrial in habits, but is known to climb into low vegetation. It feeds on both plant and animal matter, including insects, snails and land crabs.

Its upperparts and flanks are brownish, and the fur is long and rough with dark 'guard hairs', which are longer than normal hairs. Its underparts are pale.  Its dark brown tail is much longer than its head and body. Its skull is relatively slender, its snout is pointed, and its eyes are relatively small.

Figs 1 and 2 : Mόller's Rat climbing low vegetation at night. This example was found in lowland forest in Sabah, Borneo. Photos thanks to Oliver Wearn.

References : M1

Camacho-Sanchez, M., Leonard, J. A., Fitriana, Y., Tilak, M-K. & Fabre, P-H. (2017). The generic status of Rattus annandalei (Bonhote, 1903) (Rodentia, Murinae) and its evolutionary implications. Journal of Mammalogy, 98(5), 1340-1355.

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Fig 1
©  Oliver Wearn
Fig 2
©  Oliver Wearn