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Text and photos by Nick Baker, unless credited to others.
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Dusky Langur

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Family : Cercopithecidae
Species : Trachypithecus obscurus

Head-body length : 50-70 cm
Tail length : 70-80 cm
Weight : up to 7.5 kg

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The Dusky Langur, or Spectacled Leaf Monkey,  inhabits a range of forest habitats including  coastal and riverine settings. The species feeds on succulent young leaves, leaf shoots and occasionally forest fruits, and is thus mainly arboreal in habits.  Sometimes adults will   descend to the ground at forest margins to feed on low shrubs.

This is an easily identifiable species, with thick white eye-rings and pale pinkish skin around the mouth, which is devoid of fur.  Depending on the amount of ambient light, its body fur can appear greyish brown, dark grey or jet black. The fur on the crown, legs and tail is lighter. Young infants are pale yellow to orange.

Troupe size may be up to 20 individuals. They are active in early morning and late afternoon, but at midday can be spotted lounging in the cool of shady trees.

The species occurs in southern Myanmar, southern Thailand and Peninsular Malaysia.

On Singapore Island there are just two males, which made their way from southern Johor, Malaysia in 2020, and who now appear settled in Singapore's central forests (Fig. 7).

Fig 1 : A handsome, young adult rests in the shade of a tall tree at midday.

Figs 2 and 3 : Infant with pale orange fur.

Fig 4 : Female with juvenile.

Fig 5 : A troupe of six appear drowsy while taking shelter from the midday sun.

Fig 6 : Close-up of adult with typical facial markings.

Fig 7 : Adult male from Singapore's central forests, gingerly making its way along barbed wire fencing at the edge of a military area.

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