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Text and photos by Nick Baker, unless credited to others.
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Bornean Colugo

Fig 1

Fig 2

















Family : Cynocephalidae
Species : Galeopterus borneanus

Head-Body Length : up to 36 cm
Tail Length : up to 25 cm
Weight : up to 1.75 kg

The Bornean Colugo was formerly considered to be a lineage of the Sunda Colugo Galeopterus variegatus, however since the publication of work by Janečka et al (2008) it has widely been considered as a separate species, or even a species complex.

This species is widespread where suitable forest still exists; it has been recorded up to 900 metres elevation at Poring, Sabah (Figs 1 and 2 were both taken at Poring).

Bornean colugos of both sexes are invariably mottled greyish or greenish-grey, but occasional reddish or dark brown examples are seen which are male.

As with other species of colugo, Galeopterus borneanus is fully nocturnal; by day it clings vertically to tree trunks. Its diet comprises a variety of leaves and other vegetation, and possibly occasional small insects; Nasir (2012) documented the behavioural ecology of this species at Bako National Park, Sarawak, where he once observed a colugo feeding on ants inside a treehole.

Males of the closely-related Galeopterus variegatus in Singapore are known to be competitive, and will have fights with other males for territory or mating rights (Lim, 2007); territorial scent marking has been documented for Galeopterus borneanus in Borneo (Nasir, 2012).

Fig 1 : Historical example from 2001 seen at Poring, Sabah, at an elevation of around 500 metres.

Fig 2 : Bornean hill forest mosaic at Poring, Sabah, viewed from Kipungit Trail.

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