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Text and photos by Nick Baker, unless credited to others.
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Tanahrata Wart Frog

Fig 1

Fig 2

Species : Limnonectes nitidus
Size (snout to vent) :  Female 7.1 cm, Male 5.4 cm

This relatively small species of Limnonectes has only been found in highland areas of Peninsular Malaysia, in the hill resorts of Cameron Highlands and Fraser's Hill at elevations of between 900 and 1500 metres.

The body form is somewhat flattened, with a short blunt head and rounded snout.

Adults are brownish to greyish brown (sometimes with a hint of purple colour on the dorsum). The hind limbs are patterned with characteristic thick dark bands.

Juveniles have complex patterning which includes a pale cream forehead and snout, purplish upper back and a large area of cream-buff on the lower back. The forelimbs are pale orange and the hindlimbs grey, and all limbs are patterned with thick dark bands. Figure 1 shows a juvenile in a stream bed: it appears to be well camouflaged on a substrate of variably coloured, angular quartz and feldspar sand.
Leong and Lim (2003) reported the discovery of larvae of this species in a waterlogged, seepage area with dense leaf litter substrate at the edge of montane forest at Fraser's Hill.

The Tanahrata Wart Frog appears to be endemic to the Titiwangsa mountain range of Peninsular Malaysia.

Fig 1 : Juvenile measuring around 2 cm in a shallow forest stream with sandy substrate at Fraser's Hill, Peninsular Malaysia at an elevation of around 1000 metres.

Fig 2 : Microhabitat of the juvenile specimen in figure 1.

Fig 3 : Adult specimen from Fraser's Hill, Peninsular Malaysia.  Photo thanks to Law Ing Sind.

Fig 4 : Example found at a roadside seep at Fraser's Hill, Peninsular Malaysia at around 1000 metres elevation.

References : H3

Leong, T.M. & Lim, B.L. A new species of Rana (Amphibia: Anura: Ranidae) from the highlands of the Malay Peninsula, with diagnostic larval descriptions. Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 51 (1): Pp. 1177.

Thanks to Leong Tzi Ming for assistance


Fig 3

ゥ Law Ing Sind

Fig 4