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Text and photos by Nick Baker, unless otherwise credited.
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Mahogany Frog

Family : RANIDAE
Species : Abavorana luctuosa 
Size (snout to vent) :
Female 6.0 cm,  Male 5.9 cm

The unmistakable Mahogany Frog inhabits lowland and lower montane forest, including disturbed habitats, up to 1350 metres elevation.

It is a leaf-litter dweller which is known to breed  in clear, forest streams. Given its widespread distribution and great altitudinal range, however, the species is likely to be quite adaptable in its selection of breeding sites.

It is easily identified by its unusual patterning which comprises a mid-brown dorsum which is separated from dark greyish-brown upper flanks by a narrow, pale stripe (= dorsolateral line). The lower flanks, belly and forelimbs are grey with pale spots, and the hindlimbs are greyish-brown with narrow, pale grey broken bars. There may be orange mottling on top of the limbs. Its skin is smooth, and its fingers and toes unwebbed.

The tadpoles are large and brownish, and are mottled or speckled with dark grey. The example shown here (Fig. 3) has extensive dark grey on the tail.

This frog occurs in southern Thailand (where it appears to restricted to the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat, near the Gulf of Thailand), Peninsular Malaysia (including the island of Pulau Pinang), Sumatra and Borneo (Sabah, Sarawak and Kalimantan).

Fig 1 : Example from Fraser's Hill, Peninsular Malaysia found next to a stream near disturbed forest.

Fig 2 : Another example from Fraser's Hill, Peninsular Malaysia, found at an elevation of 990 metres. This specimen has some orange mottling on top of the forelimb.

Fig 3 : Tadpole, also from Fraser's Hill, Peninsular Malaysia, in a puddle near a fast-flowing stream in disturbed habitat.

All photos thanks to Law Ing Sind.

References : H3, H20







Fig 1


Fig 2

ゥ  Law Ing Sind

Fig 3

ゥ  Law Ing Sind