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Vietnamese poachers fined RM1.56 million, the biggest yet for wildlife crime
The Star, 16 May 2019

Xavier: War declared on poachers to save Malayan tigers
Malay Mail, 17 Mar 2016

Malaysia incinerates tonnes of seized Africa-sourced pangolin scales
Traffic, 06 Dec 2018

Malaysia makes massive Viet Nam-bound rhino horn seizure
Traffic, 20 Aug 2018

Tiger, clouded leopard skins among illegal wildlife parts seized in Malaysia, 09 Jul 2018

Almost 300 birds drowned by smugglers in dramatic confiscation
Traffic, 18 Jan 2018

Malaysian enforcement blazes a sizzling trail with high profile wildlife seizures
Traffic, 11 Sep 2017

Malaysian smuggler stopped on Thai border with orang utans, tortoises, raccoons
The Star, 22 Jun 2017

Malaysia makes third major pangolin scale seizure in a month
Traffic, 13 Jun 2017

Malaysian Customs make large seizure of threatened Malagasy tortoises
Traffic, 15 May 2017

Ulu Muda wildlife under threat from poachers from Laos and Myanmar
The Star, 08 May 2017

Malaysia clamps down on wildlife smuggling: five operations in a fortnight
Traffic, 03 Mar 2017

Seven 僧ost wanted elephant poachers arrested in Malaysia, 15 Feb 2017

Malaysia痴 Internet authority helps nab wildlife traffickers
FMT News, 18 Jan 2017

Outraged wildlife groups warn of tiger extinction
Malay Mail, 18 Oct 2016

Tiger cub among menagerie of animals seized in Malaysia enforcement operations
Traffic, 20 Oct 2016

Viral images of butchered tiger may have come from Pahang
New Straits Times, 14 Oct 2016

Malaysia key conduit in global illegal ivory trade
Traffic, 08 Sep 2016

12 Wildlife Traffickers Busted with Ivory, Pangolin Scales, Tiger Skins & More
Annamiticus, 03 Sep 2016

Underwater World Langkawi epitome of wildlife exploitation
Free Malaysia Today, 12 Jul 2016

Ivory bound for Malaysia is seized in South Sudan
Clean Malaysia, 25 Jun 2016

Malaysian Facebook group is shut down for Selling Exotic Pets
Clean Malaysia, 16 Jun 2016

Vigilance urged as Malaysia destroys huge ivory stockpile
Traffic, 14 Apr 2016

Facebook Groups: Malaysia痴 new wildlife trade marketplace
Traffic, 03 Mar 2016

Concern raised over protection of Malaysia痴 wild Tigers
Traffic, 01 Mar 2016

Snares cause horrific injuries to animals
New Straits Times, 11 Apr 2016

Three Poachers are Arrested for Killing Endangered Malayan Tiger
Clean Malaysia, 27 Jan 2016

Large weaverbird seizure in northern Peninsular Malaysia
Traffic, 20 Jan 2016

Huge international demand for wildlife from Malaysia, says TRAFFIC
New Straits Times, 04 Jan 2015

Terengganu first state to issue fatwa against wildlife poaching
New Straits Times, 30 Nov 2015

Nearly 100 live pangolins saved in Malaysia anti-smuggling raid
News24, 10 Sep 2015

Large haul of Tiger and other wildlife parts in Malaysia
Traffic, 01 Sep 2015

Who is the illegal tortoise importer in Malaysia?
MalaysiaKini, 19 Aug 2015

Malaysia clamps down on illegal wildlife trade using social media
Traffic, 27 Jul 2015

Global Tiger Day: Malayan Tiger faces bleak future
Traffic, 29 Jul 2015

Malaysia痴 illegal wildlife trade thriving unhindered
Free Malaysia Today, 15 May 2015

Survey finds medicines from bear parts widely available in Malaysia
Traffic, 29 May 2015

Company Director, K. Muthukomar, of Syarikat Rona Wildlife Enterprise fined $14,900 over 5 tortoises
Asia One, 30 Apr 2015

Malaysia痴 call for greater efforts to end wildlife trafficking lauded
Borneo Post, 09 Apr 2015

Tech-savvy youth the biggest players in illegal wildlife trade
AsiaOne, 14 Mar 2015

Nepal痴 most wanted wildlife criminal nabbed in Malaysia
New Straits Times, 17 Feb 2015

Little being done to protect hunted serow
The Star, 18 Feb 2015

Malaysians have become accidental accomplices to illegal wildlife trade
The Rakyat Post, 24 Jan 2015

Going after the big-time wildlife smugglers
Asia One, 15 Oct 2014

Tragedy in the making for Malaysian wildlife S.M. Mohd Idris
Malaysian Insider, 15 Oct 2014

Wildlife network wants Malaysia to be on the alert for endangered turtles
The Rakyat Post, 07 Oct 2014

Malaysia not punished for illegal wildlife trade
Malaysia Kini, 24 Jul 2014

Will Malaysia be sanctioned for illegal wildlife trade?
Malaysia Kini, 02 Jul 2014

Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Viet Nam join forces to crack down on turtle trade
Traffic, 06 Jun 2014

A positive step in the fight against illegal bear trade in Malaysia
Malay Mail, 30 May 2014

WWF, Traffic urge Malaysia to increase anti-wildlife smuggling efforts
The Star Online, Malaysia, 11 Feb 2014

WildLeaks wants Malaysian whistleblowers to expose wildlife traffickers
Astro Awani, 14 Feb 2014

Discovery of snared Sun Bear indicative of relentless poaching in Belum-Temengor Forest Complex, Malaysia
Traffic, 28 Jan 2014

Anson Wong profits from CITES and Malaysia - Sean Whyte
Malaysian Insider, 13 Jan 2013

Poaching gone wild
The Star Online, Malaysia, 13 Dec 2013

Al Jazeera wins current affairs award for 銑izard King documentary
Malay Mail, 10 Dec 2013

Authorities must wake up to the antics of wildlife trafficker Anson Wong
Malaysian Insider, 06 Dec 2013

Watchdog roasts Perhilitan over rife wildlife smuggling
Malay Mail, 26 Nov 2013

With Malaysia痴 authorities, notorious 銑izard King a shocking blank (VIDEO)
Malay Mail, 22 Nov 2013

Fight against wildlife trade needs teamwork
Free Malaysia Today, 10 Sep 2013

Man charged for illegal possession of Tiger and four leopards
Traffic, 12 Sep 2013

Customs Department and TRAFFIC set a course to fight illegal ivory trade
Traffic, 09 Sep 2013

Six smugglers sentenced to jail time over pangolin trafficking in Malaysia, 20 Aug 2013

Malaysia plays a big role in global trade of sharks, says wildlife network Traffic
The Star Online, Malaysia, 16 Aug 2013

Ivory seized In Kenya, bound for Malaysia, was disguised as peanuts
Huffington Post, 09 Jul 2013

Johor couple held for trading in pangolins
AsiaOne, 10 Jun 2013

Two-year jail sentence in Malaysia痴 biggest tiger part smuggling case
Traffic, 07 Feb 2013

Massive African ivory seizure in Malaysia
Traffic, 11 Dec 2012

Ivory haul impounded at Uganda airport - destined for Malaysia
Africa Review, Kenya, 15 Nov 2012

TRAFFIC and Royal Malaysian Police come together to fight wildlife crime in Belum-Temengor Forest Complex
Traffic, 05 Nov 2012

Malaysia : Solomon Islands at centre of 田aptive breeding shenanigans
Traffic, 17 Jul 2012

Letter - Protect our native wildlife
The Star Online, Malaysia, 25 Jun 2012

TRAFFIC raises awareness of poaching threat in wildlife trade hotspot
Traffic, 15 Jun 2012

Pangolin seizure highlights Malaysia裕hailand smuggling route
Traffic, 21 Mar 2012

展here痴 My Mama? 2.0 campaign launches in Malaysia
Traffic, 15 Mar 2012

50 pangolins en route to Laos seized at Kuala Lumpur International Airport
New Straits Times, Malaysia, 2nd March 2012

Malaysia drops the ball on wildlife trafficking, says Traffic
Traffic, 23 Feb 2012

Shark Fins Going Out of Favor Among Young Chinese-Malaysians
Voice of America, 15 Feb 2012

Tiger skins, elephant ivory and bones seized in Malaysia  - update
Traffic, 10 Feb 2012

Malaysia seizes half a tonne of ivory
Traffic, 09 Jan 2012