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Everyone痴 job to protect our jungles
The Star, Malaysia, 20 Dec 2017

Leading US plywood firm linked to alleged destruction, rights violations in Malaysia, 19 Oct 2017

NGOs: Hands off Ulu Muda!
Clean Malaysia, 22 May 2017

Indigenous groups, activists risk arrest to blockade logging in Malaysia, 08 May 2017

Fraser痴 Hill to be kept pristine for migratory birds
The Star, Malaysia, 27 Feb 2017

Illegal logging contributed to deadly Malaysian floods, according to government minister, 11 Feb 2015

High deforestation rates in Malaysian states hit by flooding, 19 Jan 2015

Too late to play innocent, Dr Mahathir
Free Malaysia Today, 11 Nov 2014

Former Malaysian PM, Dr. Mahathir Mohammed : legal logging also destroys forests, 29 Nov 2014

Illegal logging penetrated wildlife sanctuaries
The Star, Malaysia, 20 Nov 2014 

Continued development of Lesong Forest may cause extinction and conflict, warn experts
The Star, Malaysia, 25 Sep 2014

Bridging a forest: Animal crossings that reduce the perils of roads
The Star, Malaysia, 22 Sep 2014

Malaysian citizens want govt to spend more to save native rainforests, 30 Jun 2013

Malaysia has the world's highest deforestation rate, reveals Google forest map, 15 Nov 2013

3.5 million ha of Indonesian and Malaysian forest converted for palm oil in 20 years, 12 Nov 2013 

Malaysia clearcutting forest reserves for timber and palm oil, 26 Sep 2013

Japanese firms buying illegal timber from Malaysia痴 endangered rainforests, 10 Sep 2013

Weak laws governing Malaysia's indigenous people complicate conservation efforts, 22 Jul 2013

NASA: Deforestation jumps in Malaysia, 10 Jun 2013

Timber! Kedah痴 crying hills keep dying
The Star, Malaysia, 25 Feb 2013

Wanted - Guardians of the forest
New Straits Times, 28 Oct 2012

Land clearing rampant in Cameron Highlands in the last four months
The Star, Malaysia, 09 Oct 2012

Charts: deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia, 2000-2010, 15 Jul 2012

Malaysian sustainable timber certification fails Dutch standards, 23 Oct 2011

Malaysia To Introduce Prison Sentences for Illegal Logging
Environmental News Network, 30 Aug 05

Fire Ravages Forest Reserve Bordering Malaysian Airport, Administrative Capital
Environmental News Network, 25 Feb 2005