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3 rhino horn smugglers receive stiff sentences under Viet Nam痴 amended penal code
Traffic, 17 May 2019

Persistent illegal ivory markets in Viet Nam : Traffic report (pdf)
Traffic, 15 Dec 2018

Cambodia accuses Vietnam of complicity in illegal cross-border logging, 18 Oct 2018

Where the Wild Things Were
Asia Sentinel, 10 Aug 2018

Vietnam痴 bear bile farms are collapsing but it may not be good news, 11 Jul 2018

Critically Endangered Giant Fish on Menu at Luxury Restaurants, 02 Jul 2018

Wildlife trafficker gets 4 years in prison
Vietnam Net, 15 Jun 2018

WWF report: Vietnamese, Chinese tourists blamed for wildlife trafficking
Vietnam Net, 03 Nov 2017

How Vietnam Learned to Stop Poaching and Love Its Beasts, 28 Jun 2017

Pensioner nabbed for smuggling leopard skins and elephant parts
VN Express, 14 May 2017

Five frozen, gutted tigers found in Vietnam
Channel News Asia, 21 Mar 2017

Vietnam seizes 100 kgs of rhino horn from Kenya
Channel News Asia, 15 Mar 2017

One meal at a time, tourists kill wildlife in Vietnam
VN Express, 17 Dec 2016

TRAFFIC brings hospitality enterprises together to stop illegal wildlife trade
Traffic, 14 Dec 2016

Viet Nam痴 illegal bear trade persisting more than a decade after ban imposed
Traffic, 17 Nov 2016

Viet Nam under scrutiny after remarkable sequence of ivory seizures
Traffic, 11 Nov 2016

Airline Industry in South Africa and Vietnam Increase Efforts to Stop Wildlife Trafficking
Traffic, 30 Sep 2016

Price of rhino horn plummets in Vietnam
VN Express, 29 Sep 2016

Suspected Vietnam poachers probed over 9 dead primates
Channel News Asia, 30 Aug 2016

Six new champions join the fray to combat illegal wildlife trafficking
Traffic, 18 Aug 2016

Delay to new penal code in Viet Nam is major blow to fight against wildlife crime
Traffic, 01 Jul 2016

Online Wildlife Trafficker Gets Five Years in Prison
Annamiticus, 21 Jun 2016

Vietnamese man arrested with 4 frozen tiger cubs
Thanh Nien News, 10 May 2016

Da Nang City issues wildlife crime-fighting Directive
Traffic, 25 Jan 2016

Fighting Wildlife Crime in Vietnam: The Downfall of the Bastard of the Internet
Annamiticus, 06 Dec 2015

Fighting illegal wildlife trade at China-Vietnam border
Xinhua, 14 Dec 2015

Wildlife protection highlighted in Viet Nam
Traffic, 30 Nov 2015

Delayed decision leads to death of 30 pangolins
Vietnam News, 12 Dec 2015

Seizure of highly threatened turtles highlights ongoing threat of illegal trade
Traffic, 26 Oct 2015

Spotlight on Da Nang as new conduit in global ivory trafficking
Traffic, 24 Sep 2015

Vietnam Seizes Ivory That Passed Through Cambodia
Cambodia Daily, 06 Jul 2015

Da Nang Business Community in bike ride for wildlife protection
Traffic, 27 Jun 2015

More than 1 million pangolins sold for food, medicine
Vietnam News, 25 Jun 2015

Singapore intercepts tusks and rhino horns bound for Vietnam
Vietnam Net, 24 May 2015

In Vietnam, Rampant Wildlife Smuggling Prompts Little Concern
New York Times, 30 Mar 2015

Operation Game Change to be launched in Vietnam to combat wildlife crime
Vietnam Net Bridge,  27 Feb 2015

Traditional medicine practitioners in Viet Nam pledge to protect threatened wildlife
Traffic, 30 Jan 2015

Police seize frozen tiger, monkeys transported illegally in central Vietnam
Tuoitrenews, Vietnam, 26 Jan 2015

How hot is the Vietnamese rhino horn market?
Eco-Business, 25 Nov 2014

Halong Bay bears banished
TR Weekly, 28 Oct 2014

Interest in rhino horn drops in Vietnam
IOL, Zambia, 20 Oct 2104

Newspaper catches Vietnam's forest rangers trading wildlife in uniform
Thanh Nien News, 08 Sep 2014

Vietnam tightens control over wildlife imports to prevent Ebola
Tuoitrenews, Vietnam, 20 Aug 2014

Tigers thrown off truck during police chase in central Vietnam
Thanh Nien News, 15 Jun 2014

Vietnam Customs Officials Seize Ivory at Ho Chi Minh City痴 Airport
Wall Street Journal, 11 Jun 2014

Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Viet Nam join forces to crack down on turtle trade
Traffic, 06 Jun 2014

Destroying seized wildlife products deemed necessary
Vietnam Net Bridge,  20 Apr 2014

Viet Nam Prime Minister orders action on wildlife crime
Traffic, 04 Mar 2014

Togo arrests three over huge ivory haul destined for Vietnam
BBC News, 29 Jan 2014

How Vietnam's wealthy elite have made rhino horn worth its weight in gold
The Independent, UK, 03 Feb 2014

Rhino Horns Can Make You Sick, Vietnamese Moms to Be Warned
Wall street Journal, 16 Sep 2013

Research reveals new insights into the consumers behind rhino poaching
Traffic, 17 Sep 2013

Corruption at Vietnam-China Border Allows Massive Smuggling of Endangered Animals
Policy Innovations, 07 Aug 2013

Vietnam will pay $300,000 per rhino horn to cure cancer and hangovers, 14 May 2013

Ad campaign aims to reduce Vietnamese demand for rhino horn
Traffic, 18 Apr 2013

Vietnam Bear Rescue Centre faces eviction
BBC News, 19 Dec 2012

New agreement between South Africa & Viet Nam - A turning point in tackling rhino poaching crisis, say WWF, TRAFFIC
Traffic, 10 Dec 2012

Viet Nam acknowledges severity of rhino trade
Traffic, 20 Sep 2012

鏑oose horns and surging demand create 菟erfect storm for rhino poaching
Traffic, 21 Aug2012

Vietnam tiger farms called fronts for illegal sales
NBC News, 27 Jul 2012

Large pangolin seizure highlights timeliness of re-forming Pangolin Specialist Group
Traffic, 27 Apr 2012

Legalised trade is a cover for laundering wildlife
Mail & Guardian Online, South Africa, 22 Mar 2012

Vietnamese again caught with rhino horns in South Africa
Traffic, 16 Dec 2011

Vietnamese authorities confirm more than a tonne of ivory pieces seized on Chinese border
Traffic, 04 Nov 2011

Weak enforcement allows tiger trade to flourish
Thanh Nien News, 29 Jul 2011

Vietnamese military illegally plundering Laos' forests, 28 Jul 2011

180 kg of wildlife seized in Central Viet Nam
Traffic, 21 Mar 2011