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Thai court dismisses case against suspected wildlife trafficking kingpin
Jakarta Post, 30 Jan 2019

Road accident in Thailand saves 88 pangolins
South China Morning Post, 28 Aug 2017

Rhino horns worth $5m seized in Thailand off flight from Ethiopia
BBC News, 14 Mar 2017

Pileated gibbons poached as bushmeat to feed illegal rosewood loggers, 07 Jan  2017

Inadequate Thai legislation failing to prevent trafficking of non-native apes
Traffic, 28 Nov 2016

Massive Downturn in Bangkok ivory market as Thailand implements national ivory action plan
Traffic, 29 Sep 2016

The crime family at the centre of Asia's animal trafficking network
The Guardian, UK, 26 Sep 2016

Persistent illegal bird trade highlighted at notorious Bangkok Market
Traffic, 28 Jul 2016

Slow Loris is discovered in Thailand with his teeth ripped out for selfies with tourists
Daily Mail, UK, 11 Jul 2016

Raid on Tiger Temple reveals grim reality of Thailand痴 rampant animal trafficking
South China Morning Post, 23 Jun 2016

Legal loopholes leave non-native wildlife unprotected in Thailand
Traffic, 22 Feb 2015

Soi Dog helps Thai authorities foil attempt to smuggle pangolins
The Nation, 07 Mar 2016

Tiger Temple Accused of Supplying Black Market
National Geographic, 21 Jan 2016

Thailand to make curved-toed geckos a protected species
Bangkok Post, 30 Dec 2015

Camera trap pictures help nab tiger poacher, 23 Nov 2015

In Photos: Rescued pangolins released back into the wild in Thailand
EarthTouch News, 08 Nov 2015

Thailand crushes two tonnes of confiscated ivory
Traffic, 26 Aug 2015

Tourists in Thailand have no idea they shouldn't be doing this
GlobalPost, 05 May 2015

Thailand痴 largest ivory seizure stark reminder of need for continued vigilance
Traffic, 21 Apr 2015

Thailand's drive against illegal ivory trade bolstered by forensic tools
Traffic, 23 Feb 2015

Japanese men arrested while smuggling exotic animals from Thailand in their suitcases
Mail Online, UK, 20 Feb 2015

Wildlife poachers in the crosshairs
Bangkok Post, 10 Feb 2015

Thailand's famous Tiger Temple raided for suspected wildlife trafficking
The Guardian, UK, 05 Feb 2015

Bangkok market hub of illegal trade in endangered tortoises from around the world
Traffic, 04 Dec 2014

Animal rights groups call for end to wildlife tourism
ABC News, Australia, 04 Oct 2014

Thailand set to target markets to protect international trade
Wildlife News, UK, 10 Sep 2014

Thailand痴 tortoise seizures significant but insufficient follow-up to quash illegal trade
Traffic, 19 Sep  2014

The dark side of animal tourism in Thailand
The Telegraph, UK, 26 Aug 2014

From dolphins to tigers, Thailand's animal shows taking their toll
Bangkok Post, 15 Aug 2014

Cruel trade in Asian elephants threatens survival - report
BBC News, 06 Jul 2014

Market surveys find disturbing increase in Thai ivory market
Traffic, 03 Jul 2014

Over 1,000 tortoises bound for Thai restaurants rescued
Asia One, 24 Jun 2014

Recent seizures highlight trouble for Asia痴 tortoises and freshwater turtles
Traffic, 27 Mar 2014

Bangkok a hub in recent tortoise trafficking incidents
Traffic, 28 Feb 2014

Singapore and Thailand Customs each seize 22 kg rhino horn
Traffic, 20 Jan 2014

Rare Malagasy tortoises turn up in luggage seized in Bangkok
Traffic, 10 Dec 2013

Rosewood : Asia's most precious wood is soaked in blood, 21 Nov 2013

Manhunt snares alleged killer poacher : 200 forest officials comb jungle for tiger trappers
Bangkok Post, 14 Sep 2013

Thailand launches elite wildlife ranger team
Phuket News, 21 Sep 2013

Customs in Thailand seize over 100 kg of ivory from luggage
Traffic, 01 Sep 2013

Royal Thai Police seize live Elephants in clampdown on illegal trade
Traffic, 21 Aug 2013

Largest seizure of Critically Endangered Ploughshare Tortoises made in Thailand
Traffic, 19 Mar 2013

Buddhists hold prayer ceremony for elephants decimated by poachers, 11 Mar 2013

Thailand's promise to end ivory trade cautiously welcomed
BBC News, 03 Mar 2013

All eyes on countries fuelling illegal ivory trade
Traffic, 21 Feb 2013

More than 2000 live snakes seized in Bangkok Airport
Traffic, 08 Feb 2013

World Wildlife Fund calls for ban on Thai ivory trade
Times Live, South Africa, 15 Jan 2013

Eleven live otters found in airport luggage
Traffic, 22 Jan 2013

Meeting sets stage for efforts to curb wildlife smuggling at Thailand-Laos border
Traffic, 03 Jan 2013

Thai airport authorities seize hundreds of animals in two separate seizures
Traffic, 04 Dec 2012

Thailand arrests lorry driver transporting 16 tiger cubs
BBC News, 27 Oct 2012

Almost 900 Star Tortoises seized in Thailand
Traffic, 29 Aug 2012

Frontline officers in Thailand learn anti-poaching skills, 23 Aug 2012

Untouchables: Asia's Biggest Wildlife Traffickers
Sci-tech Today, 15 Aug 2012

Anti-corruption commission readies case against Plodprasob over tigers
The Nation, Thailand, 14 Aug 2012

Tourism driving illegal elephant trade in Burma and Thailand video
Guardian Environment Network, 24 Jul 2012