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Singapore acquits trader in world痴 biggest rosewood bust, worth $50m, 19 Apr 2019

Singapore authorities seize 12.7 tonnes of pangolin scales in 2nd haul within a week
Channel News Asia,  10 Apr 2019

Nearly 13 tonnes of pangolin scales worth S$52 million seized in Singapore
Channel News Asia,  04 Apr 2019

Strong support for tougher wildlife protection laws in Singapore: Survey
Channel News Asia,  16 Aug 2018

Man, 33, fined $6,600 for possessing and keeping illegal wildlife
Straits Times, Singapore, 13 Sep 2017

Global effort busts wildlife smugglers
Straits Times, Singapore, 12 Jun 2017

Singapore Airlines signs declaration against wildlife trafficking
Channel News Asia, 06 Jun 2017

Report identifies Singapore as world痴 second largest shark fin trader
Traffic, 26 May 2017

Singapore convicts rosewood trader in historic CITES seizure, 28 Apr  2017

New study of Singapore痴 bird markets highlights dangers of overharvesting
Traffic, 19 Feb 2017

Thai spiritual master smuggles animal charms into S'pore with soft toys
The New Paper, 20 Oct 2016

Singapore ranks a poor 7th in ability to prevent illicit trade, trails Malaysia
Business Mirror, 13 Oct 2016

WWF: 75% of seafood species consumed in Singapore not caught sustainably
WikiNews, 05 Oct 2016

Large ivory seizures in Singapore make it a smuggling hub of 'primary concern'
The Guardian, UK, 12 Aug 2016

Singapore crushes illegal ivory worth $10 million
Eco-Business, 16 Jun 2016

Law enforcement plan a must in Singapore痴 fight to tackle illegal ivory transit role
Traffic, 13 Jun 2016

Inside the Secret Trade That Threatens Rare Birds
National Geographic, 19 Apr 2016

ACRES investigates illegal pet advertisement in Singapore
The Online Citizen, 21 Dec 2015

Air shipment of illegal ivory and pangolin scales worth $1.3 million seized
Straits Times, Singapore, 17 Dec 2015

Illegal ivory, pangolin scales worth S$1.3m seized by Singapore customs
Channel News Asia, 27 Dec 2015

Singapore court: illicit timber trafficking through our ports not our problem, 13 Nov 2015

Two Russian nationals jailed for smuggling 206 turtles through Singapore
AsiaOne, 14 Oct 2015

Two men jailed 15 months for trying to smuggle 206 endangered turtles through S恥ore
Today Online, 14 Oct 2015

Asian Songbird Summit calls on governments to close illegal bird markets
Traffic, 02 Oct 2015

WRS calls for curbs in illegal animal trade
Channel News Asia, 09 Jul 2015

Singapore intercepts tusks and rhino horns bound for Vietnam
Vietnam Net, 24 May 2015

Shop owner fined S$41,000 for possession and sale of illegal wildlife
Channel News Asia, 20 Mar 2015

Wildlife Reserves Singapore and TRAFFIC launch campaign to battle illegal wildlife trade in Southeast Asia
Traffic, 07 Mar 2015

Man jailed for smuggling 190 endangered turtles through Changi Airport
Today, 06 Feb 2015

UWS rebuts wildlife group痴 report on health, treatment of dolphins
Today, 21 Nov 2014

Singapore on key trade routes for illicit bear bile products
Straits Times, Singapore, 21 Aug 2014

Singapore intercepts massive illegal shipment of Madagascar rosewood, 03 Jun 2014

OWL and Grand Hyatt stop kopi luwak sales
Project Lowak SG, 14 Jan 2014

Singapore and Thailand Customs each seize 22 kg rhino horn
Traffic, 20 Jan 2014

World's rarest tortoise, the Ploughshare Tortoise, loses face value
Traffic, 16 Dec 2013

Falling demand for ivory in Cambodia and Singapore?
Traffic, 07 Nov 2013

Seized ivory shipped back to Kenya
Standard Digital News, 21 Aug 2013

Singapore among major shark trade hubs, India and Indonesia biggest butchers
The Standard, Hong Kong, 30 Jul 2011

Ivory haul from Africa seized in Singapore
BBC News, 30 Jan 2013

RWS dolphin dies before arrival in Singapore
Yahoo Singapore, 22 Nov 2012

Asia fuels illegal wildlife trade and Singaporeans have a role in it
Traffic, 25 Oct 2012

Chinese 舛ooling Drinks May Contain Endangered Saiga Antelope Horns
Asian Scientist, 10 Sep 2012

Singapore named 'bird-laundering point'
Jakarta Post, 19 Jul 2012

Singapore : Solomon Islands at centre of 田aptive breeding shenanigans
Traffic, 17 Jul 2012

Singapore incinerates seized reptile skins from Indonesia
Traffic, 31 Aug 2011

Kenya burns ivory seized in Singapore in fight against poachers
BBC News, 20 Jul 2011

Singaporeans tip the scales for pangolins
Traffic, 21 Apr 2010

DNA Forensics May Prevent Elephant Poaching, 20 Aug 2008