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Urgent call for Singapore to help safeguard region's biodiversity
Asia Times, 05 May 2019

Crossbreeding puts endangered Milky Stork at risk
Futurity, 27 Feb 2019

NParks to become lead agency for animal and wildlife management
Channel News Asia,  12 Feb 2019

Strong support for tougher wildlife protection laws in Singapore: Survey
Channel News Asia,  16 Aug 2018

Wildlife experts welcome formation of revamped NParks
Channel News Asia,  27 Jul 2018

Make Mandai Road vehicle-light to reduce roadkill
Straits Times, Singapore, 29 Mar 2018

Singapore Zoo owner defends itself as PR storm mounts over roadkill deaths
Mumbrella.Asia, 29 Mar 2018

106 hawksbill turtles hatch on Sentosa beach
Straits Times, Singapore, 20 Jan 2018

Otters spotted on tarmac at Changi Airport, guided out to beach by airside safety team
Straits Times, Singapore, 14 Nov 2017

How effective are wildlife corridors like Singapore痴 Eco-Link?,  26 Jul 2017

Can Singapore痴 growing otter population continue to thrive in an urban landscape?
Channel News Asia,  02 Jul 2017

Steps to beef up process of wildlife impact assessment: Desmond Lee
Straits Times, Singapore, 26 Jun 2017

Bat man has a secret mission on Pulau Ubin
Straits Times, Singapore, 26 May 2017

Environmental study, wildlife shepherding plan to be done in Tengah
Straits Times, Singapore, 04 Apr 2017

Video shows otters adapting to city living in Singapore by climbing ladder
Straits Times, Singapore, 06 Mar 2017

As animal encounters hit the headlines in Singapore, a divide opens up
South China Morning Post, 03 Mar 2017

Straw-headed bulbuls find a safe haven in Singapore
Straits Times, Singapore, 10 Dec 2016

The real wildlife of Pulau Ubin
Straits Times, Singapore, 09 Dec 2016

Move to save Singapore's endangered sea turtles
Asia One, 14 Nov 2016

Singapore is much wilder than it seems
Business Times, Singapore, 11 Nov 2016

Spotting wildlife along the streams in Singapore
AsiaOne, 23 Feb 2016

Normal for animals to cross to Singapore
The Star Online, Malaysia, 27 Jun 2016

A day with local otter watchers
AsiaOne, 18 Apr 2016

More parks to save shy Banded Leaf Monkey from extinction
Straits Times, Singapore, 11 Apr 2016

Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park otter family grows with birth of 5 new pups
Straits Times, Singapore, 12 Feb 2016

Critically endangered leopard cats thriving on Pulau Tekong
Straits Times, Singapore, 05 Feb 2016

Plan to save Singapore freshwater crab from extinction
Wild Singapore, 23 Jun 2015

Nature under stress from photography boom
Channel News Asia, 27 Apr 2015

A multi-pronged, collaborative approach to wildlife conservation
Today, 21 Feb 2015

How Singapore Makes Biodiversity an Important Part of Urban Life
CityLab, 23 Jan 2015

Researchers find two snake species new to Singapore
Straits Times, Singapore, 23 Dec 2014

These Apps Prove That Singapore Has More Wildlife Than You Think!
Yahoo News, 24 Jul 2014

Bidadari development could force squirrels out, threaten native species
Today, 08 Jan 2014

Route of Cross-Island MRT line a concern - Nature Society
WildSingapore, 25 May 2013

More sightings of wild otters in Singapore
Wild Singapore, 22 Apr 2013

Evolution theorist Alfred Russel Wallace goes online
BBC News, 27 Sep 2012

Rare deer knocked down by car on SLE
Wild Singapore, 04 Mar 2010

'Fossil' Ferns Found - The discovery of Dipteris conjugata on Pulau Sarimbun
HabitatNews, Singapore, 19 Apr 2003