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China Wolfs Down Southeast Asia痴 Wildlife
Asia Sentinel, 05 Sep 2018

Asia痴 appetite for endangered species is relentless
The Economist, 19 Apr 2018

China Is Decimating Southeast Asian Wildlife
The Diplomat, 24 Jan 2018

Trade is the straw breaking the Straw-headed Bulbul痴 back, says new paper, 21 Nov 2017

Mapping seizures to aid conservation of imperilled Helmeted Hornbill
Traffic, 16 May 2017

Great apes in Asian circus-style shows on rise so is trafficking, 12 Apr 2017

Experts plan to save Asia痴 songbirds
Traffic, 22 Feb 2017

China seizes over 3,000 kg of pangolin scales in biggest-ever smuggling case, 29 Dec 2016

Average of 110 Tigers a year entering the illegal trade chain in Asia over 16 years
Traffic, 16 Nov 2016

Asia races to save the Critically Endangered helmeted hornbill, 07 Nov 2016

No let up in Asia's bear trade
Traffic, 25 Oct 2016

New report finds no slowdown in tiger trafficking
Traffic, 29 Sep 2016

The crime family at the centre of Asia's animal trafficking network
The Guardian, UK, 26 Sep 2016

Effective enforcement key to survival of Helmeted Hornbill
Traffic, 23 Aug 2016

Malayan Sun bear: bile trade threatens the World痴 smallest bear, 01 Aug  2016

Thousands of Southeast Asian newts being collected from the wild for pet trade, 26 May 2016

New study highlights scale of illegal and unreported Humphead Wrasse trade
Traffic, 17 Mar 2016

Japan is major hub for illegal trade in slow lorises due to their popularity as pets, 29 Feb 2016

How the International Trade in Geckos Is a Scam
National Geographic, 06 Jan 2016

Unseen harvest: Southeast Asia痴 illegal orchid trade
Traffic, 24 Nov 2015

Lizard traffickers exploit legal loopholes to trade at world's biggest fair in Germany
The Guardian, UK, 11 Nov 2015

Asian Songbird Summit calls on governments to close illegal bird markets
Traffic, 02 Oct 2015

Researchers Uncover An "Invisible" Wildlife Trade
NewsWise, 14 Sep 2015

Wildlife DNA forensics group established to combat Illegal wildlife trade in SE Asia, 08 Sep 2015

Pangolins in Peril: rallying the world to curb the global China trade, 24 Aug 2015

Tackling timber and wildlife trafficking
Straits Times, Singapore, 30 Jul 2015

Is the end of 'house of horror' bear bile factories in sight?
The Guardian, UK, 09 Apr 2015

Wildlife under threat from Asia's poaching crisis in pictures
The Guardian, UK, 05 Feb 2015

Brisk trade threatens slow lorises
Traffic, 08 Jan 2015

Parts of 2800 bears seized in Asia over a 12-year period
Traffic, 21 Aug 2014

Fashion's love of python comes at a price
Fashionista, 02 Jun 2014

Alarming rise in Black Spotted Turtle trade across Asia
Traffic, 23 May 2014

Shocking scale of pangolin smuggling revealed
BBC Nature News, 13 Mar 2014

Lady Gaga gets bitten by venomous primate, sparking outrage over loris trafficking, 25 Feb 2014

Traded to Extinction: Portraits of Poaching in Asia
Time, USA, 17 Feb 2014

UK launches new programme to reduce global demand for Tiger parts
Traffic, 12 Feb 2014

Governments commit to decisive & urgent action to tackle global wildlife poaching crisis
Traffic, 13 Feb 2014

Rosewood : Asia's most precious wood is soaked in blood, 21 Nov 2013

Lesser-known Species Fall Victim to the Illegal Wildlife Trade
Policy Innovations, 21 Oct 2013

TRAFFIC highlights opportunities for conservation collaboration with zoo community
Traffic, 30 Sep 2013

New study gets its teeth into shark trade regulations
Traffic, 30 Jul 2013

World experts: all pangolin species at risk from illegal trade
Traffic, 15 Jul 2013

Experts formulate pangolin conservation plan, 24 Jun 2013

Traditional medicine industry strengthens commitment to protect endangered species, 19 Jun 2013

Monitor lizards vanishing to international trade in pets and skins, 04 Jun 2013

AIDS cure rumours short-lived: Tokay Geckos mainly traded for traditional medicine
Traffic, 11 Apr 2013

An insidious threat to tropical forests: over-hunting endangers tree species in Asia, 04 Apr 2013

Global wildlife trade conference closes with firm resolve
Traffic, 14 Mar 2013

Timber proposals widely adopted at CITES
Traffic, 12 Mar 2013

Bangkok breakthroughs gives CITES a bigger stick
BBC News, 15 Mar 2013

CITES Conference : 賎ang of eight on ivory probation
BBC News, 14 Mar 2013

CITES Conference : Landmark shark ban upheld at conservation meeting
BBC News, 14 Mar 2013

CITES Conference : Turtle 'victory' at wildlife meeting
BBC News, 08 Mar 2013

New study reveals scale of persistent illegal Tiger trade
Traffic, 07 Mar 2013

Pity the pangolin: little-known mammal most common victim of the wildlife trade, 11 Feb 2013

Asian bear farming: breaking the cycle of exploitation, 31 Jan 2013

INTERPOL provides enforcement training to crack down on illegal trade in Big Cats
Traffic, 27 Dec 2012

New report confirms 僧ajor surge in ivory smuggling in 2011 : transit points in SE Asia
Traffic, 20 Dec 2012

Australian Government announces new programme to combat illegal timber trade in Asia Pacific
Traffic, 14 Dec 2012

Judges to get tough on wildlife traffickers in South-East Asia
Traffic, 13 Dec 2012

International conference highlights need to eradicate illegal trade in wild bears
Traffic, 30 Nov 2012

Study raises concern over international trade in python skins from Southeast Asia
Traffic, 27 Nov 2012

Medicine practitioners urged to help reduce bear bile demand
Traffic, 16 Nov 2012