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Critically Endangered Helmeted Hornbill parts readily available in Lao PDR
Traffic, 29 Sep 2016

Laos failing to curb illegal wildlife trade
Manila Times, 24 Sep 2016

Laos to ban tiger farms
Wildlife News, UK, 23 Sep 2016

Laos market sells ivory & rhino horn from slaughtered wildlife to Chinese buyers
The Telegraph, UK, 17 Apr 2016

Inside the Disturbing World of Bear-Bile Farming
National Geographic, 05 May 2015

Laos Slapped for Supplying Macaques to Illegal Wildlife Traders in China
Big News Netork, 08 Apr 2016

Laos, Destination in Illegal Ivory Trade, So Far Eludes Global Crackdown
New York Times, 01 Aug 2015

Lao Authorities Investigate Local Groups Involved in Illegal Ivory Trade
Radio Free Asia, 01 May 2015

Domestic Demand For Illegal Wildlife Meat Grows in Laos
Radio Free Asia, 01 Apr 2015

High-end Laos resort serves up illegal wildlife for Chinese tourists
The Guardian, UK, 19 Mar 2015

Wildlife seizures in 2014 highlight Lao PDR痴 role in trafficking
Traffic, 06 Jan 2015

Laos Shrinking Bear Population Threatened by Booming Bile Business
TakePart, 07 Nov 2014

New study raises alarm over bear bile farming in Lao PDR
Traffic, 29 Oct 2014

Untouchable? Wildlife crime kingpin Vixay Keosavang
Environmental Investigation Agency, 14 Feb 2014

U.S. Offers Reward in Wildlife-Trade Fight
New York Times, 13 Nov 2013

Enforcement officers focus on wildlife trade in Lao PDR
Traffic, 23 Jan 2013

Meeting sets stage for efforts to curb wildlife smuggling at Thailand-Laos border
Traffic, 03 Jan 2013

Corruption still plundering forests in Laos for furniture, 26 Sep 2012

TRAFFIC survey highlights Lao PDR痴 dark trade in ivory
Traffic, 09 Jul 2012

Lao Luxury Hotels Sell Poached Ivory Trinkets to Wealthy Tourists
International Business Times, 09 Jul 2012

Should the location of newly discovered species be hidden?
BBC News, 20 Mar 2012

Bears committing suicide to escape China's bile harvesting farms
Digital Journal, 04 Feb 2012

Laos Shuts Down Bear Farm
Radio Free Asia, 28 Jul 2011

Bile Trade Rife Despite Ban
Radio Free Asia, 27 Jul 2011 

Laos Undercover - uncovering the wildlife trade