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Indonesia creates three marine protected areas within Coral Triangle, 10 Apr 2019

Deadly oil spill in eastern Borneo spreads to the open sea, 05 Apr 2018

Efforts to conserve sea turtles disrupted by coal plant in East Java, 31 Jan 2017

Indonesia must do more to protect whale sharks, conservationists say, 23 Aug 2016

Eight pilot whales dead in mass stranding in Indonesia
The Guardian, UK, 16 Jun 2016

Local Eyes on the Reef in the Coral Triangle
National Geographic, 25 Feb 2016

Are prosthetic reefs the answer to Indonesia痴 coral die-off?, 14 Jan 2016

After the NGOs: can Wakatobi National Park survive on its own?, 18 Nov 2015

How Wakatobi痴 coral stays healthy and diverse, 16 Nov 2015

Shrinking Indonesian shark fisheries spur a national action plan, 20 Aug 2015

Indonesian ombudsman asks minister to offer fishermen 粗xit strategy' from seining, 22 Apr 2015

Indonesia's small islands being rapidly damaged by industrial activities, 18 Mar 2015

Indonesian forestry and fishery ministries move to eradicate corruption, 17 Feb 2015

Indonesia's new president, ministers have big plans for fish, 06 Nov 2014

Of Prawns and Men on the Bali Strait, 22 Aug 2014

Seafood apartments and other experiments in fixing Indonesia's fisheries, 25 Jul  2014

Over-depleted and undermanaged: can Indonesia turn around its fisheries?, 22 Jul  2014

Boom but mostly bust: fighting over sardines in Indonesia's Bali Strait, 18 Jul  2014

A tale of two fish: cyanide fishing and foreign bosses off Sulawesi's coast, 08 Jul  2014

Indonesia痴 national airline carrier bans shark fins, 23 Nov 2013

Sea turtle egg smuggling on the rise
Jakarta Post, Indonesia, 06 Oct 2013

Video: scientists discover new walking shark species in Indonesia, 11 Sep 2013

In Bali, a campaign to raise ecological awareness
Khabar, 29 Jul 2013

Shark Poachers Chased Down by Indonesian Communities + Police
Conservation International, 09 May 2012

Carnage in Komodo: world-famous reef destroyed by poachers' bombs, 25 Apr 2012

East Kalimantan痴 green turtle population rapidly dying off
Jakarta Globe, 28 Feb 2012

Rare Irrawaddy Dolphins Spotted In West Kalimantan
Asian Scientist, 10 Feb 2012

Indonesia tsunami: Death toll soars to 282
BBC News, 05 Nov 2010

Fisherman catches 'living fossil' : another Coelacanth off Manado, Indonesia.
BBC News, 01 Aug 2007

Indonesia to Replant Mangroves in Tsunami Defense
Environmental News Network, 18 Jan 2005