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Indonesian province of Papua aims to leap ahead in conservation
Conservation International, 25 Mar 2019

Hazy figures cloud Indonesia痴 peat restoration as fire season looms, 08 Jan 2019

Coal company fined 2 billion rupiah for illegal waste dumping in Borneo, 12 Apr 2018

In a land untouched by mines, indigenous holdouts fight a coal invasion, 28 Mar 2018

薦cological disaster: Controversial bridge puts East Kalimantan痴 green commitment to the test, 30 Aug 2017

First real test for Jokowi on haze as annual fires return to Indonesia, 08 Aug 2017

Indonesia blocks major artery in haze-causing Mega Rice canal network, 09 Jul 2017

Smoke from Indonesia痴 fires begins to drift into Malaysia, 17 Aug 2016

No more fires in Indonesia?, 20 Jun 2016

How is Indonesian president Jokowi doing on environmental issues?, 12 Jun 2016

Singapore, Indonesia jostle over anti-haze measures, 16 May 2016

Indonesia痴 antigraft agency strives to rein in the mining sector, 27 Feb 2016
Indonesia痴 ore-smelting ambitions augur rain of poison in Sulawesi, 19 Jan 2016

50+ companies being investigated or punished for Indonesia痴 haze crisis, 30 Dec 2015

Jokowi leaves COP21 as questions remain over Indonesia haze reforms, 02 Dec 2015

Scientists turn up haze heat on Indonesia ahead of COP21 Paris talks, 25 Nov 2015

Jokowi turning over a new leaf for Indonesia on haze but details still foggy, 13 Nov 2015

Police investigate govt office as 訴mportant documents go up in smoke, 02 Nov 2015

Indonesia breathes easier for now as haze recedes and rain falls, 02 Nov 2015

Indonesia is burning. So why is the world looking away?
The Guardian, UK, 30 Oct 2015

Bali痴 mountain dwellers govern with ancient palm leaf treatises, 29 Oct 2015

Raja Ampat fires destroy livelihoods; Sumatrans suffer from drought amid haze, 28 Oct 2015

Under-fire Jokowi prepares biggest shift yet in Indonesian haze, 26 Oct 2015

Indonesia's Fire Crisis The Biggest Environmental Crime of the 21st Century
Jakarta Globe, 25 Oct 2015

Carbon emissions from Indonesia痴 fires exceed emissions from entire U.S. economy, 15 Oct 2015

Haze cancels Jokowi haze visit as greater cooperation looms, 08 Oct 2015

In haze-choked Palangkaraya, air quality five times 蘇azardous levels, 25 Sep 2015

Children are dying from respiratory ailments as haze blankets Sumatra, 14 Sep 2015

Indonesia declares emergency in haze-hit province
Yahoo, 15 Sep 2015

Indonesia pledges to cut emissions 29 percent by 2030, 09 Jul 2015

Pollution from East Asia affecting air quality in Borneo's rainforests, 01 Apr 2015

Traditional farming technique preserves soil, forest in Kalimantan, 06 Jan 2015

Indonesia developing mega coal mine five times larger than Singapore, 20 Oct 2014

Indonesia痴 tough choice: capping coal as Asian demand grows, 17 Oct 2014

Coal mine has heavy impact in Indonesian Borneo, 26 Sep 2014

Indonesia to hear indigenous peoples' grievances on land disputes, 22 Aug 2014

NASA: Sumatra fires in the rise, 22 Jul 2014

Indonesian presidential candidates ignore environmental concerns as haze returns, 24 Jun 2014

Sumatra on fire: burning spikes in Indonesia, 13 Mar 2014

Uprising against illegal mining in Sulawesi pits villagers against miners, police, 19 Feb 2014

Mining the Heart of Borneo: coal production in Indonesia, 20 Nov 2013

June fires concentrated in peatlands, burned 1,500 sq km in Sumatra, 16 Oct 2013

In Bali, a campaign to raise ecological awareness
Khabar, 29 Jul 2013

Fires burning again in Sumatra, triggering haze alerts in Malaysia, 23 Jul 2013

Haze fires concentrated in deforested peatlands, not forest areas, confirms satellite, 10 Jul 2013

Indonesia NGOs call to investigate 117 companies for involvement in forest fires, 28 Jun 2013

Smoke over Sumatra: Why Indonesia's fires are a global concern, 25 Jun 2013

Indonesian President visits Greenpeace ship 3 years after it was deported, 07 Jun 2013

Mining in Indonesia taking a heavy social, environmental toll, 03 Jun 2013

Indonesia's largest coal plant will be built despite protests, minister says, 26 May 2013

Cement producers hunting for limestone could threaten Borneo caves, 30 Apr 2013

Academics urge Indonesian President to end agrarian conflict, 12 Feb 2013

Most Indonesians aware of climate change, but failing to take adaptive measures, 13 Dec 2012

Why is Indonesia afraid of Greenpeace?, 18 Oct 2011

Dozens die in new Mount Merapi eruption in Indonesia
BBC News, 05 Nov 2010