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Sabah becoming key hub for African wildlife trade, says report
Free Malaysia Today, 06 Nov 2017

Malaysian enforcement blazes a sizzling trail with high profile wildlife seizures
Traffic, 11 Sep 2017

Pro-wildlife group slams bragging by poachers
FMT News, 06 Jun 2017

Elephants in Borneo slaughtered for ivory, 03 Jan 2017

Endangered 叢awikan (marine turtles) still at high risk
Inquirer, Philippines, 21 Aug 2016

Gaharu seized, three from China arrested
Daily Express, 17 Aug 2016

19,000 Sea Turtle Eggs Seized in Anti-Smuggling Operation
National Geographic, 24 Jul 2016

Malaysian Facebook group is shut down for Selling Exotic Pets
Clean Malaysia, 16 Jun 2016

Sale of Bushmeat carries on in Sabah
Clean Malaysia, 06 May 2016

Facebook Groups: Malaysia痴 new wildlife trade marketplace
Traffic, 03 Mar 2016

Snares cause horrific injuries to animals
New Straits Times, 11 Apr 2016

SFC seizes illegally felled timber, protected wildlife
Borneo Post, 08 Jan 2016

Sun bears missing, Sabah Wildlife Dept suspiciously silent
Free Malaysia Today, 23 Dec 2015

Huge international demand for wildlife from Malaysia, says TRAFFIC
New Straits Times, 04 Jan 2015

Maliau bush meat at Nabawan Tamu?
Daily Express, 24 Nov 2015

Sun bears butchered at Kulamba Wildlife Reserve
Daily Express, 18 Nov 2015

Federal minister, Sabah leaders eating turtle eggs goes viral
Free Malaysia Today, 04 Nov 2015

Malaysia clamps down on illegal wildlife trade using social media
Traffic, 27 Jul 2015

Malaysia痴 illegal wildlife trade thriving unhindered
Free Malaysia Today, 15 May 2015

Survey finds medicines from bear parts widely available in Malaysia
Traffic, 29 May 2015

Malaysia痴 call for greater efforts to end wildlife trafficking lauded
Borneo Post, 09 Apr 2015

Unarmed rangers useless to helpless wildlife
Daily Express, 02 Apr 2015

Thank you Chief Justice for speaking up on Sabah痴 wildlife
Free Malaysia Today, 27 Mar 2015

Malaysian authorities failing to take action against poachers, 10 Feb 2015

Malaysians have become accidental accomplices to illegal wildlife trade
The Rakyat Post, 24 Jan 2015

Sabah痴 killing fields must stop
Free Malaysia Today, 02 Dec 2014

Hunting is a greater threat than logging for most wildlife in Borneo, 16 Dec 2014

Going after the big-time wildlife smugglers
Asia One, 15 Oct 2014

Tragedy in the making for Malaysian wildlife S.M. Mohd Idris
Malaysian Insider, 15 Oct 2014

Wildlife network wants Malaysia to be on the alert for endangered turtles
The Rakyat Post, 07 Oct 2014

Elephants pay the price for palm oil in Malaysian Borneo, impact may reach far beyond reported kills, 10 Sep 2014

Smuggling threatens the 滴oly Grail of the reptile world - the Earless Monitor Lizard
Traffic, 10 Sep 2014

Malaysia not punished for illegal wildlife trade
Malaysia Kini, 24 Jul 2014

Will Malaysia be sanctioned for illegal wildlife trade?
Malaysia Kini, 02 Jul 2014

Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Viet Nam join forces to crack down on turtle trade
Traffic, 06 Jun 2014

WWF, Traffic urge Malaysia to increase anti-wildlife smuggling efforts
The Star Online, Malaysia, 11 Feb 2014

WildLeaks wants Malaysian whistleblowers to expose wildlife traffickers
Astro Awani, 14 Feb 2014

Poaching gone wild
The Star Online, Malaysia, 13 Dec 2013

Banned Meat ! Wildlife sold in market?
Malaysia Chronicle, 11 Dec 2013

Malaysia plays a big role in global trade of sharks, says wildlife network Traffic
The Star Online, Malaysia, 16 Aug 2013

Thousands of marine turtle eggs seized again, in West Kalimantan
Traffic, 09 Aug 2012

Malaysia drops the ball on wildlife trafficking, says Traffic
Traffic, 23 Feb 2012