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Everyone痴 job to protect our jungles
The Star, Malaysia, 20 Dec 2017

Borneo痴 礎iocultural holocaust: an interview with author Alex Shoumatoff, 19 Jun 2017

Sudden sale may doom carbon-rich rainforest in Borneo, 02 Jan 2017

羨 major concern: plantation-driven deforestation ramps up in Borneo, 10 Sep 2016

Malaysian assets in US allegedly tied to corrupt logging operations, 03 May 2016

Illegal logging threatening Lower Kinabatangan wildlife
Free Malaysia Today, 10 Nov 2015

Borneo's rainforest may get high-tech 3D scan to boost conservation, 04 May 2015

Reports slam Malaysian timber companies, urge reforms in forest management, 27 Feb 2015

Company run Sarawak governor has amassed $1.4B in state infrastructure contracts, 27 Jan 2015

Facing legacy of deforestation and corruption, Sarawak may cease granting new logging concessions, 18 Jan 2015

Tradeoff: Sabah banks on palm oil to boost forest protection, 05 Dec 2014

Too late to play innocent, Dr Mahathir
Free Malaysia Today, 11 Nov 2014

Former Malaysian PM, Dr. Mahathir Mohammed : legal logging also destroys forests, 29 Nov 2014

Illegal logging penetrated wildlife sanctuaries
The Star, Malaysia, 20 Nov 2014

Sarawak chief calls state's logging industry 'corrupt', 24 Nov 2014

Book detailing corruption allegations against Malaysian ruler moves forward, 05 Nov 2014

Malaysian citizens want govt to spend more to save native rainforests, 30 Jun 2014

Signs Sabah may finally uphold commitment on wildlife corridors, 23 Jun 2014

New forest map for Sarawak reveals large-scale deforestation, encroachment on indigenous territories, 24 Feb 2014

Malaysia has the world's highest deforestation rate, reveals Google forest map, 15 Nov 2013

3.5 million ha of Indonesian and Malaysian forest converted for palm oil in 20 years, 12 Nov 2013

Norway blacklists 2 Malaysian logging companies for 'severe environmental damage' in Borneo, 14 Oct 2013

Japanese firms buying illegal timber from Malaysia痴 endangered rainforests, 10 Sep 2013

Large-scale opposition among Borneo villagers to deforestation, 10 Sep 2013

80% of rainforests in Malaysian Borneo logged, 17 Jul 2013

63,700 ha of Borneo rainforest gains protection in Sabah, 22 Jun 2013

NASA: Deforestation jumps in Malaysia, 10 Jun 2013

NGO says Malaysian regulators should shut down two Sarawak companies after damning video, 26 Mar 2013

Controversial Chief minister of Sarawak asked to step down until corruption allegations resolved, 22 Mar 2013

Video uncovers top level corruption in Sarawak over indigenous forests, 20 Mar 2013

Malaysian NGOs boldly demand forest conservation action in Borneo, 28 Feb 2013

Helping Borneo's indigenous people fight for their forests, 28 Jan 2013

HSBC funds forest destruction & invasion of indigenous lands in Borneo, alleges report, 02 Nov 2012

Malaysian leader, Taib, worth $15 billion ; timber corruption suspected, 19 Sep 2012

Industrial logging leaves a poor legacy in Borneo's rainforests, 17 Jul 2012

Charts: deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia, 2000-2010, 15 Jul 2012

Building indigenous resilience in the face of land-grabbing, deforestation in Malaysian Borneo, 10 Jul 2012

$90 million in corrupt logging money linked to Malaysian Chief Minister, UBS bank, 24 Apr 2012

The other side of the Penan story: threatened tribe embraces tourism, reforestation, 19 Dec 2011

Video : Logging corruption of Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud
Global News, Canada, 08 Dec 2011

Sarawak ruler has acquired billions in 'illicit' assets, alleges investigation, 04 Dec 2011

Malaysian sustainable timber certification fails Dutch standards, 23 Oct 2011

US warned of severe corruption in Malaysia's Sarawak state, 30 Aug 2011

FBI questioned over ties with corrupt Malaysian official, 25 Aug 2011