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Focus on law enforcement in Myanmar as it moves to crack down on wildlife trade
The Nation, Thailand, 12 Nov 2018

China's desire for 'blood beads' and skin cream threatens Myanmar's elephants
ABC News, 12 Oct 2018

165 wild elephants dead in last seven years across the country
Myanmar Times, 25 Feb 2018

WWF-Myanmar sounds alarm about illegal wildlife trade
Myanmar Times, 08 Sep 2017

Demand for elephant skin driving up poaching in Myanmar, 06 Jun 2017

New study finds rhino horn openly for sale in notorious Myanmar wildlife markets
Traffic, 30 Mar 2017

Authorities clamp down on illegal wildlife traders
Myanmar Times, 06 Feb 2017

New study finds gall bladder the main draw for Myanmar bear poachers
Traffic, 27 Jan 2017

Drugs, money and wildlife in Myanmar's most secret state
BBC News, 17 Nov 2016

What are elephants good for besides ivory? How about their skin?
Digital Journal, 26 Sep 2106

Myanmar a transit hub for rhino horn
Myanmar Times, 09 Sep 2016

Here today, gone tomorrow
Frontier Myanmar, 10 Feb 2016

Myanmar Feeds China痴 Pangolin Appetite
National Geographic, 19 Jan 2016

Illegal pangolin trade in Myanmar booming
Traffic, 31 Dec 2015

In Burma痴 Dry Zone, a Unique Forest and Deer Species under Threat
The Irrawaddy, 30 Dec 2015

Inside Mong La, the Myanmar Town Where You Can Buy Drugs, Sex, and Endangered Animals, 14 Dec 2015

155 Chinese nationals arrested for illegal logging in Myanmar, 26 Jan 2015

All kinds of illegal trade on Myanmar's border
Asia One, 15 Jan 2015

At Kyaikhtiyo, wildlife trade on open display
Myanmar Times, 16 Jan 2015

Tiger and wild cat trade from Myanmar to China growing
BBC News, 22 Dec 2014

Myanmar a gateway for illegal trade in Tigers and other wild cats to China
Traffic, 22 Dec 2014

Wildlife trade awareness training for media and launch of writing contest in Myanmar
Traffic, 10 Dec 2014

China's Expanding Middle Class Fuels Poaching, Decadence in Myanmar
National Geographic, 05 Dec 2014

Border districts with India join hands to curb smuggling, boost border trade
Indian Express, 13 Nov 2014

Illegal wildlife trade along the Burma-China border - in pictures
The Guardian, UK, 21 Jul 2014 

Cruel trade in Asian elephants threatens survival - report
BBC News, 06 Jul 2014

Traffic urges Myanmar to crack down on ivory trade
Eleven Myanmar, 16 Jan 2014

Thousands of pieces of ivory found for sale on Myanmar痴 border with China
Traffic, 13 Jan 2014

Wild Elephant Poaching Increases in Pegu
The Irrawaddy, 21 Oct 2013 

Ivory trade threatens Myanmar痴 elephants
Myanmar Times, 04 Mar 2013

Wildlife restaurants thrive in Burma
The Nation, Thailand, 07 Feb 2013

Tourism driving illegal elephant trade in Burma and Thailand video
Guardian Environment Network, 24 Jul 2012