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  Text and photos by Nick Baker, unless otherwise credited.
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There are around 5500 mammal species in the world, with at least 1000 species occurring in Southeast Asia.  Many of the region's mammal species are forest-dependant, which makes them difficult to study, particularly bats which are especially diverse.  Larger mammals such as Tiger, Asian Elephant and Orang Utan are well known to the general public, but the region also has some very curious species little known even in the countries they inhabit. These include the insect-eating Pangolin, covered in reptilian-like scales, and the Colugo which can glide from tree to tree by extending its broad gliding membrane.

The region also supports a complex diversity of smaller mammals including civets, tarsiers, squirrels, forest rats and treeshrews, some of which are illustrated here.  Bats and Primates are presented separately.

Pangolins  (Pholidota) Elephants  (Proboscidea)
Sunda Pangolin
Manis javanica 
  Asian Elephant
Elephas maximus

Cattle, Pigs, Mousedeer, Deer  etc.  (Artiodactyla)

Bos gaurus
  Wild Water Buffalo
Buvalus arnee
Bearded Pig 
Sus barbatus
  Eurasian Wild Pig
Sus scrofa
Lesser Mousedeer
Tragulus kanchil  
  Greater Mousedeer
Tragulus napu
Cervus unicolor 
  Javan Rusa
Rusa (Cervus) timorensis
  Red Muntjac
Muntiacus muntjak     
Dogs, Cats, Mongooses, Martens, Otters, Civets, Hog Badgers etc.  (Carnivora)
Red Fox
Vulpes vulpes
  Javan Mongoose
Herpestes javanicus
  Sun Bear
Helarctos malayanus
Sunda Clouded Leopard 
Neofelis diardi
  Clouded Leopard 
Neofelis nebulosa   
  Leopard Cat 
Prionailurus bengalensis 
Hog Badger
Arctonyx collaris
  Oriental Small-clawed Otter
Aonyx cinerea
  Smooth Otter
Lutra perspicillata
  Hairy-nosed Otter
Lutra sumatrana
Yellow-throated Marten
Martes flavigula
  Small-toothed Palm Civet
Arctogalidia trivirgata  
  Banded Civet
Hemigalus derbyanus 
Common Palm Civet
Paradoxurus hermaphroditus 
Colugos  (Dermoptera)
Colugo or Flying Lemur
Galeopterus variegatus

Squirrels  (Rodentia)

Cream-coloured Giant Squirrel
Ratufa affinis 
Black Giant Squirrel
Ratufa bicolor
Grey-bellied Squirrel
Callosciurus caniceps
Mountain Red-bellied Squirrel
Callosciurus erythraeus
Variable/Finlaysons Squirrel
Callosciurus finlaysonii
Black-banded Squirrel
Callosciurus nigrovittatus
Plantain Squirrel
Callosciurus notatus
Prevost's Squirrel
Callosciurus prevostii
  Horse-tailed Squirrel
Sundasciurus hippurus
  Low's Squirrel
Sundasciurus lowii
Slender Squirrel
Sundasciurus tenuis  
  Himalayan Striped Squirrel
Tamiops macclellandi
  Three-striped Ground Squirrel
Lariscus insignis
Shrew-faced Ground Squirrel
Rhinosciurus laticaudatus

Flying Squirrels  (Rodentia)
Large Black Flying Squirrel
Aeromys tephromelas
Red-cheeked Flying Squirrel
Hylopetes spadiceus
  Red Giant Flying Squirrel
Petaurista petaurista

Rats and Mice  (Rodentia)

Pencil-tailed Tree Mouse
Chiropodomys gliroides
  Rajah Spiny Rat 
Maxomys rajah
  Red Spiny Rat
Maxomys surifer
  Annandale's Rat
Rattus annandalei
  Polynesian Rat
Rattus exulans
Asian House Rat
Rattus tanezumi
  Malaysian Wood Rat 
Rattus tiomanicus

Porcupines (Rodentia)

Malayan Porcupine
Hystrix brachyura

Moles, Shrews etc.  (Soricomorpha)

Treeshrews  (Scandentia)
Insular Mole
Mogera insularis
  House Shrew 
Suncus murinus
  Common Treeshrew
Tupaia glis

Whales, Dolphins etc.  (Cetacea)

Humpback Whale
Megaptera novaeangliae
  Killer Whale
Orcinus orca
    Long-snouted Spinner Dolphin  Indo-pacific Bottlenose Dolphin
    Stenella longirostris                   Tursiops aduncus
Common Bottlenose Dolphin
Tursiops truncatus