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Penang Hill is 'golden' no more
New Straits Times, Malaysia, 25 Feb 2014

Fires burning again in Sumatra, triggering haze alerts in Malaysia
Mongabay.com, 23 Jul 2013

Malaysian protest over rare earths refinery plan
BBC News, 26 Feb 2012

Malaysia : NGOs cool to call for environment court
New Straits Times, Malaysia, 16 Jan 2012

Conduct EIA study before starting any development project
The Star, Malaysia, 28 Jan 2011

Educating Malaysians to protect nature
The Star, Malaysia, 19 Aug 2008

RM1.3b to clean up, beautify the environment
The Star, Malaysia, 22 Jun 2008

Rising temperature in Indian Ocean may have caused Malaysia floods
The Star, Malaysia, 21 Jan 2007

Wildlife-friendly bridges
New Straits Times, Malaysia, 30 Jun 2005

Natural Resources Ministry charts future direction
Utusan Online, Malaysia, 27 Apr 2004

Cameron Highlands landslide: Earth movement likely cause
The Star, Malaysia, 26 Feb 2004

Deal firmly with those who poison us
The Star, Malaysia, 07 Dec 2003

Toxic waste dumped near homes
The Star, Malaysia, 05 Dec 2003

Letter - Centralised approval a positive step for national conservation
The Star, Malaysia, 27 Aug 2003

Open burning in Sumatra causing haze
The Star, Malaysia, 13 Jun 2003

Letter - Wishing for a clean environment
The Star, Malaysia, 18 May 2003

Green passion - K. Kumarasivam 1932 - 2003
The Star, Malaysia, 13 May 2003

Centre for environment communicators set up
The Star, Malaysia, 23 Apr 2003

Nature's young warriors
The Star, Malaysia, 20 Apr 2003

Need for environmental awareness in schools
The Star, Malaysia, 20 Apr 2003

Incinerator or Landfill?
Straits Times, Singapore, 05 Apr 2003

Penang : Losing its greenery
The Star, Malaysia, 01 Apr 2003

Paying lip service to 組reen campaign
The Star, Malaysia, 26 Mar 2003

Environmental Groups welcome freeze on hillside development
The Star, Malaysia, 02 Mar 2003

Tough steps to save the land
The Star, Malaysia, 26 Feb 2003

Soil Erosion - Displaced by farms
The Star, Malaysia, 25 Feb 2003

We must overcome ecological ignorance
The Star, Malaysia, 11 Feb 2003

New lows in the highlands
The Star, Malaysia, 11 Feb 2003

Cameron Highlands resort loses its cool
Straits Times, Singapore, 09 Feb 2003

NGOs: No excuse for breaking environs laws
The Star, Malaysia, 08 Feb 2003

Land Act to get more bite
The Star, Malaysia, 08 Feb 2003