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Campaign to conserve Owston's palm civet launched in Vietnam
VietnamNet, 09 Jan 2015

Alien species pose threat to Vietnamese wildlife
VietnamNet, 23 Nov 2014

Two new species of sticky frog (Kalophrynus spp.) discovered in Vietnam
DTI News, 16 Jun 2014

Roosevelt's Muntjac - Long lost mammal photographed on camera trap in Vietnam
Mongabay.com, 25 Mar 2014

Roosevelt's Muntjac - supposedly extinct 85 years ago rediscovered in Vietnam
Thanh Nien News, 06 Mar 2014

New frog species, Leptolalax botsfordi, discovered on tallest mountain in Indochina
Mongabay.com, 22 Jan 2014

Tonkin snub-nosed monkey痴 decline reverses in Vietnam
Thanh Nien News, 12 Dec 2013

The Silent Crisis: Vietnam痴 Elephants on the Verge of Extinction
National Geographic, 05 Dec 2013

KCNC pays medicinal plant project site in Viet Nam a visit
Traffic, 01 Dec 2013

Asia's 'unicorn', the Saola,  photographed in Vietnam
Mongabay.com, 12 Nov 2013

Secondary school students join wildlife protection programme
VietnamNet, 30 Sep 2013

Flying lemur (Sunda Colugo) likely extinct in Vietnam due to hunting
Tuoitrenews, Vietnam, 05 Sep 2013

Dr. Jrg Adler - wild about wildlife
Thanh Nien News, 06 Sep 2013

New shrew discovered in Vietnam forest
Mongabay.com, 08 Jul 2013

The beautiful amphibian from Hell: scientists discover new crocodile newt in Vietnam
Mongabay.com, 19 Mar 2013

Vietnamese freshwater turtles recognized with stronger protection
Education for Nature - Vietnam, 14 Mar 2013

Bloodsucking flies help scientists identify rare, hard-to-find mammals
Mongabay.com, 16 Jan 2013

Neon blue agamid discovered in Vietnamese rainforest
Mongabay.com, 15 Jan 2013

New giant flying frog discovered near city of 9 million
Mongabay.com, 09 Jan 2013

Campaigners warn of threat to Vietnam bear sanctuary
CNN, 19 Oct 2012

Agriculture Ministry's circular puts wildlife in danger
VietnamNet, 05 Oct 2012

Fate of Vietnam痴 Gibbons Hangs in the Balance
Conservation International, 21 May 2012

TRAFFIC launches sustainable wild harvested medicinal plant project in Viet Nam
Mongabay.com, 09 Apr 2012

Bonsai tree trade closing net on near-extinct Vietnamese White-headed Langur
The Guardian, UK, 16 Mar 2012

Habitat loss threatens Vietnam 'unicorn', the Saola
News24, 15 Feb 2012

Video : Rescuing endangered gibbons in Vietnam
BBC News, 22 Dec 2011

Two new paper clip-sized frogs discovered in Vietnamese mountains
Mongabay.com, 07 Dec 2011

Bizarre new mammal, a Ferret-badger, discovered in Vietnam
Mongabay.com, 28 Nov 2011

Javan rhino 'now extinct in Vietnam'
BBC News, 25 Oct 2011

New 'demon' bat discovered in Vietnam
Mongabay.com, 01 Sep 2011

Asian 'unicorn' (Saola) to get new Vietnam nature reserve
BBC News, 18 Apr 2011