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Sting operation nets tiger poachers
Mongabay.com, 24 Feb 2015

In unprecedented move, Indonesia punishes illegal manta ray trader
Mongabay.com, 03 Feb 2015

More than 2300 Pig-nosed Turtles seized at Jakarta international airport
Traffic, 23 Jan 2015

Indonesia's silent wildlife killer: hunting
Mongabay.com, 26 Dec 2014

Why is conservation so hard in Indonesia? Erik Meijaard
Malaysian Insider, 13 Dec 2014

Black market manta ray bust in Indonesia
Mongabay.com, 14 Nov 2014

Tiger Traders Busted in Indonesia
Wildlife Conservation Soceity, 30 Oct 2014

Intensive collection threatens peculiar Pig-nosed Turtle in Papua, Indonesia
Traffic, 04 Oct 2014

Officials bust one of the biggest players in illegal Indonesian manta ray trade
Mongabay.com, 01 Oct 2014

Smuggling threatens the 滴oly Grail of the reptile world - the Earless Monitor Lizard
Traffic, 10 Sep 2014

Indonesian authorities bust porcupine-smuggling ring
Traffic, 28 Aug 2014

Orangutan, gibbons and other animals seized at Jakarta International Airport
Traffic, 17 Jun 2014

Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Viet Nam join forces to crack down on turtle trade
Traffic, 06 Jun 2014

Indonesian Police Confiscate Protected Wildlife From Illegal Traders in Aceh
Wildlife Conservation Soceity, 04 Jun 2014

Ivory Traders Arrested by Aceh Police in Indonesia
Wildlife Conservation Society, 09 May 2014

Volunteers care for smuggled wildlife on Sulawesi
The Vancouver Sun, 07 Mar 2014

Divine Intervention? Indonesian Clerics Issue Fatwa to Protect Endangered Species
The Diplomat, 08 Mar 2014

Cache of wildlife from Australia, Indonesia & Papua New Guinea seized in the Philippines
SBS, Australia, 19 Feb 2014

ProFauna calls on Govt to block websites selling wildlife
Jakarta Post, 14 Feb 2014

Over 2,000 Pig-nosed Turtles fly home to a troubled future
Traffic, 06 Feb 2014

Indonesia makes arrest in case of smuggling protected wildlife
UPI, 23 Jan 2014

Tiger Middlemen Arrested In Aceh, Indonesia
Wildlife Conservation Society, 07 Jan 2014

Risking Life and Limb to Protect Indonesia痴 Slow Lorises
Jakarta Globe, 23 Nov 2013

Wildlife Traffickers Sentenced in Indonesia
Wildlife Conservation Society, 06 Nov 2013

ProFauna urges people to stop buying rare animals
Jakarta Post, 24 Aug 2013

Singapore among major shark trade hubs, India and Indonesia biggest butchers
The Standard, Hong Kong, 30 Jul 2011

Illegal wildlife trade flourishes in Sumatra
Mongabay.com, 10 Jun 2013

Little-known carnivore, the Javan Ferret Badger, sold as illegal pets in Indonesia
Mongabay.com, 24 Apr 2013

Indonesian company implicated in ivory smuggling case
Jakarta Post, 02 Mar 2013

Indonesia nabs animal smugglers
IOL News, 07 Jan 2013

Rare stuffed tigers and bears heaped on to pile and burned
Daily Mail, UK, 15 Nov 2012

Indonesia remains epicenter for illegal wildlife trade in reptiles and amphibians
Mongabay.com, 24 Oct 2012

Local Communities Put Species at Risk With Willingness to Kill
Jakarta Globe, 30 Sep 2012

Thousands of marine turtle eggs seized again, in West Kalimantan
Traffic, 09 Aug 2012

A Long Way Away From Solving Illegal Wildlife Trade in Indonesia
Jakarta Globe, 31 Jul 2012

Endangered Sumatran Tigers Face New Threat Online
Jakarta Globe, 31 Jul 2012

Slow lorises sold openly, illegally in Indonesia
Mongabay.com, 03 Apr 2012

Almost 1,500 turtles 田rammed like sardines into suitcases : update
Traffic, 02 Mar 2012