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Rogue oil palm company must pay $26m, rules Indonesia痴 Supreme Court
Mongabay.com, 14 Sep 2015

Palm oil a mixed blessing in Indonesia痴 peat peninsula
Mongabay.com, 04 Aug 2015

GAR, Wilmar punish palm oil supplier for clearing rainforest in New Guinea
Mongabay.com, 28 May 2015

Palm oil activist murdered in Jakarta
Mongabay.com, 23 May 2015

New Guinea rainforest being leveled for palm oil
Mongabay.com, 23 Feb 2015

Indonesia to weaken peatlands protection to support plantations
Mongabay.com, 08 Jan 2015

Palm oil threatens community forest in Central Kalimantan
Mongabay.com, 07 Jan 2015

Musim Mas says its palm oil will be deforestation-free
Mongabay.com, 04 Dec 2014

High Court denies appeal by palm oil company that cleared protected forest
Mongabay.com, 30 Sep 2014

Palm oil company clears rainforest in New Guinea
Mongabay.com, 29 Jul 2014

Surprising habitat: camera traps reveal high mammal diversity in forest patches within oil palm plantations
Mongabay.com, 21 Jul 2014

Palm oil plan unlikely to help communities in Indonesian New Guinea
Mongabay.com, 05 May 2014

Logging giant suspends operations to fend off plantations from fires
Mongabay.com, 15 Mar 2014

Procter & Gamble's palm oil suppliers linked to deforestation (photos)
Mongabay.com, 26 Feb 2014

Land conflicts complicate effort to spare forests from palm oil in Borneo
Mongabay.com, 17 Jan 2014

Palm oil company fined $30M for destroying orangutan forest
Mongabay.com, 09 Jan 2014

Logging kingpin linked to kidnapping, violence seeks legitimacy via IPO
Mongabay.com, 11 Dec 2013

Greenpeace photos expose palm oil giant's deforestation in Indonesia
Mongabay.com, 22 Nov 2013

3.5 million ha of Indonesian and Malaysian forest converted for palm oil in 20 years
Mongabay.com, 12 Nov 2013

Palm oil giant, Golden-Agri Resources,  to forgo development of New Guinea rainforest
Mongabay.com, 06 Nov 2013

Palm oil giant profiting off tiger habitat destruction, alleges Greenpeace
Mongabay.com, 22 Oct 2013

Palm oil deal undermines efforts to resolve 25-year conflict in Sumatra
Mongabay.com, 15 Oct 2013

Agribusiness project leaves indigenous communities in Indonesian New Guinea hungry and in poverty, report says
Mongabay.com, 03 Sep 2013

Palm oil now biggest cause of deforestation in Indonesia
Mongabay.com, 03 Sep 2013

Palm oil lobby group misleads on origin of haze, fires
Mongabay.com, 09 Jul 2013

Cause of haze? Up to 87% of recent deforestation in fire zone due to palm oil, timber
Mongabay.com, 26 Jun 2013

Indonesian palm oil Golden-Agri giant cutting deforestation from supply chain
Mongabay.com, 13 May 2013

Court rules for palm oil company in controversial deforestation case
Mongabay.com, 05 May 2013

Indonesian palm oil giant clearing peat forest despite its RSPO membership, alleges Greenpeace
Mongabay.com, 25 Apr 2013

Indonesian palm oil industry would support land swaps to protect forest
Mongabay.com, 19 Apr 2013

Indonesian palm oil giant launches conservation pilot project
Mongabay.com, 19 Mar 2013

New plantation concessions threaten Borneo pygmy elephants
Mongabay.com, 10 Mar 2013

After Indonesian paper giant commits to no deforestation, pressure mounts on its biggest competitor
Mongabay.com, 12 Feb 2013

Palm oil company thugs attack Sulawesi villagers, injuring eight
Mongabay.com, 06 Feb 2013

New palm oil concession imperils orangutan population in Borneo
Mongabay.com, 28 Jan 2013