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Orangutan Transboundary Action Plan must be honoured
Free Malaysia Today,19 Aug 2014

Sabah Wildlife Dept turning a blind eye
Free Malaysia Today, 27 Jun 2014

Sabah Wildlife Dept blowing more smoke?
Free Malaysia Today, 04 Apr 2014

Conservationists catch wild Sumatran rhino, raising hope for the species
Mongabay.com, 12 Mar 2014

Unraveling the secrets of  the mysterious Sunda Clouded Leopard
Mongabay.com, 02 Dec 2014

World's most cryptic feline, the Bay Cat,  photographed in logging concession
Mongabay.com, 04 Nov 2013

Bornean elephant meets palm oil: saving the world's smallest pachyderm in a fractured landscape
Mongabay.com, 01 Oct 2013

Masidi : Death of Bornean pygmy elephants due to toxic elements in food
New Straits Times, 20 Jun 2013

Conserving the long-neglected freshwater fish of Borneo
Mongabay.com, 11 Jun 2013

Malaysia may loan Indonesia Sumatran Rhinos to save species from extinction
Mongabay.com, 30 Apr 2013

Sarawak to protect population of rarest orangutan sub-species
Mongabay.com, 10 Apr 2013

Catching Borneo's mysterious wild cats on film
Mongabay.com, 07 Feb 2013

Rare pygmy elephants 'poisoned' in Borneo
BBC News, 29 Jan  2013

Mystery animal in Borneo not such a mystery after all - its a Sunda Stink-badger
Mongabay.com, 20 Nov 2012

Borneo may lose half its orangutans to deforestation, hunting, and plantations
Mongabay.com, 13 Nov 2012

Photos: camera traps capture wildlife bonanza in Borneo forest corridor
Mongabay.com, 10 Sep 2012

Captive breeding last hope for Sumatran Rhino
The Star, Malaysia, 21 Feb 2012

The elusive Borneo Pygmy Elephant
Borneo Post, Sarawak, 19 Feb 2012

What a Bornean elephant wants: more protected forests and wildlife corridors
Mongabay.com, 16 Feb 2012

Forgotten species: the wild jungle cattle called Banteng
Mongabay.com, 31 Jan 2012

Elusive Miller's Grizzled Langur caught on camera in Borneo
BBC News, 20 Jan  2012

Borneo's most elusive feline, the Bay Cat, photographed at unexpected elevation
Mongabay.com, 11 Jan 2012

Sabah : 'Christmas miracle' for endangered Sumatran Rhinoceros
Mongabay.com, 24 Dec 2011

Palm oil plantations behind decline in proboscis monkeys
Mongabay.com, 05 Dec 2011

Chester Zoo team to build orangutan bridges in Borneo
BBC News, 22 Aug 2011

First ever picture of long lost Rainbow Toad
Mongabay, 13 Jul 2011

Two forms of worlds newest cat, the Sunda Leopard
BBC News, 22 Jan 2011

'Extinct' Bornean Bay Cat spotted in Sarawak
Daily Telegraph, UK, 13 Jan 2011

Smallest frog in Asia discovered in Sarawak, Borneo
BBC News, 26 Aug 2010

Rarest otter discovered in Sabah, Borneo
BBC News, 26 Jul 2010

Wildlife: States have to walk the talk
New Straits Times, Malaysia, 16Jul 2010

High time Malaysia passes the Wildlife Conservation Act
Malaysia Kini, 07 Jul 2010

Saltwater Crocodiles snap back from the brink
The Star, Malaysia, 27 Jun 2010

Orangutan conservation programme to be emulated for hornbills
Borneo Post, Sarawak, Malaysia, 07 Apr 2010

Giant Pitcher Plants prefer to eat tree shrew poo
BBC News, 10 Mar 2010

Sunda Clouded Leopard: First film of new Asia big cat species
BBC News, 10 Feb 2010