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  Text and photos by Nick Baker, unless otherwise credited.
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Malayan Flying Frog
Peninsular Malaysia


Small-toothed Palm Civet
Peninsular Malaysia


Banded Leaf Monkey &
Long-tailed Macaque, Singapore


Southern Pig-tailed Macaque
Peninsular Malaysia


Trefoil Horsehoe Bat


With over 600 pages of images and factsheets, this website is a good starting point to learn something of the wildlife of Southeast Asia. There are over 200 species of reptile and 130 species of mammal featured here, including many elusive, smaller mammals such as flying squirrels, shrews and murids. My factsheets tend not to focus too closely on the depressing aspects of the rampant trade in the region's wildlife - I leave that to the experts from Traffic, whose articles can be reached from the News Links section and in the links below.  


Last update : 23rd May 2016

  Protect Myanmar's marine resources from being pillaged to point of no return
  Singapore, Indonesia jostle over anti-haze measures
  One of Thailand痴 most beautiful islands is closing due to 粗xcessive tourism
  Hope and Horror in Cambodia痴 Virachey National Park
  Singapore : Cheers for move to keep wildlife from becoming roadkill
  Vietnamese man arrested with 4 frozen tiger cubs
  Indonesia : Illegal trade pushing Helmeted Hornbills towards extinction
  Malaysia : Sale of Bushmeat carries on in Sabah
  Laos : Inside the Disturbing World of Bear-Bile Farming
  Cambodia declares protected area in hotly contested Prey Lang forest
  Malaysian assets in US allegedly tied to corrupt logging operations
  鮮obody was expecting this: range loss puts leopards in big trouble
  Malaysian palm oil companies say their concession maps are state secrets
  Indonesia : Big animals have big impacts on tropical forest carbon storage
  Tapir deaths on Malaysian roads continue to rise
  Singapore : A day with local otter watchers
  Palm oil, mining moratorium declared in Indonesia痴 Leuser Ecosystem
  Laos market sells ivory & rhino horn from slaughtered wildlife to Chinese buyers
  NE-Myanmar corridor restoration drive for reconnecting tiger, other wildlife populations
  Count on one hand: The shocking number of wild tigers left in Vietnam
  Designing the ideal wildlife corridor for Malaysia痴 orangutans
  Singapore : Inside the Secret Trade That Threatens Rare Birds
  Indonesia : Tripa痴 Trials - protecting key orangutan habitat through the courts
  Malaysian palm oil giant loses 7 more customers over RSPO suspension
  Vigilance urged as Malaysia destroys huge ivory stockpile
  Singapore : More parks to save shy Banded Leaf Monkey from extinction

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On 1st January a new initiative was launched on this website. It's a simple, online journal called 'Southeast Asia Vertebrate Records (SEAVR)' - click here to learn more.  The short documents uploaded to SEAVR are easy to read and informative. They will, hopefully, play a role in documenting interesting wildlife finds made by nature enthusiasts.



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