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  Text and photos by Nick Baker, unless otherwise credited.
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White-browed Crake
Peninsular Malaysia


Spectacled Leaf Monkey
Peninsular Malaysia


Peninsular Horned Tree Lizard
Peninsular Malaysia


Woolly Bat


Chestnut-breasted Malkoha
Peninsular Malaysia



What's this website all about ? Simply put, its my personal collection of images and factsheets of over 500 species of wildlife from Southeast Asia, many of which are elusive, rarely seen forest-dwellers. I tend to focus mainly on reptiles and mammals, but there's plenty of frogs here and a few birds too. There's some images from my nature buddies too.

Recently I've been spending some time in northern parts of Peninsular Malaysia, which still holds a wealth of wildlife despite continued deforestation and the insidious and appalling illegal trade in wildlife.

The forests in Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore appear to have come alive again, after two months of drought. Recent rains seem to have woken up drowsy, heat-stricken wildlife including birds, which are now in the midst of a frenzy of courtship, mating and nesting. It's good to see.

I made some recent visits to Penang Botanic Gardens, well more precisely the forests which surround the gardens on three sides. I was enthralled to have a close encounter with an infant Spectacled Leaf Monkey, with bright orange fur. They don't come cuter than this ! 


Last update : 13th April 2014

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  More smooth otters sighted in Singapore
  Community push to clear forest for plantation challenges effort to conserve 
  Indonesian sugar company poised to destroy half of Aru Islands' forests

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I'll soon make my annual trip to Fraser's Hill, in the mountainous spine than runs down through the Malay Peninsula. This is one of my favourite destinations in the region, which abounds in forest mammals and brightly coloured montane birds. The air is cool up in the mountains, the food is cheap, and the beer cold. What more could anyone ask for !



Thanks to : Sophia Sak Baker, Chan Kwok Wai, Vilma D'Rozario, Christine Fletcher, Horst Flotow, Con Foley, James Gan, Graeme Guy, Dave Haylock, Tim Jackson, Benjamin Lee, Leong Tzi Ming, Joseph Lim, Kelvin Lim, Norman Lim, Celine Low, Shawn Lum, Ng Bee Choo, Tony O'Dempsey, Mark O'Shea, Bruce Paterson, Timothy Pwee, Subaraj Rajathurai, Stephen Richards, Morten Strange, Ria Tan, Andrew Tay, Robert Teo, Sivasothi, Yeo Suay Hwee  ... I get by with a little help from my friends.