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Black-eyed Litter Frog


Red Giant Flying Squirrel - juvenile
Peninsular Malaysia


Spotted Gliding Lizard
Peninsular Malaysia


Grey-bellied Squirrel
Peninsular Malaysia


Blue-spotted Mudskipper
Peninsular Malaysia


Southeast Asia is blighted by a terrible, illegal trade in wildlife products. It plays a key role in providing a market for endangered African wildlife such as elephant, rhinoceros and, increasingly, pangolin. Regionally all sorts of creatures are the target of criminal poaching gangs including Tiger, Pangoiln, Sun Bear, Serow and even the unassuming Tokay gecko. But there are people in the region deeply committed in fighting this trade, such as the wonderful people at Traffic.

Governments too appear to be slowly waking up to the threat of this dreadful trade, although such efforts are weakened by lax enforcement and corruption which is deeply entrenched in many countries. Celebrities have a role too, and in this respect its wonderful to see the actress Michelle Yeoh get involved. Keep it up, Michelle !  Click here to read more.  


Last update : 18th May 2015

  Researchers find treasure trove of unique, threatened animals in Philippine forest
  Scientists reconstruct what was in the Harapan Rainforest of Sumatra
  Indonesia : Six new species on Mount Tambora, say Indonesian researchers
  Tourists in Thailand have no idea they shouldn't be doing this
  Malayaisa : Letter - Save animals by protecting habitat
  94 pangolins released in Sumatra following huge illegal wildlife seizure
  Philippines : Dozens of endangered cockatoos found crammed into plastic bottles
  Activist deported from Cambodia continues fighting dam from abroad
  Borneo's rainforest may get high-tech 3D scan to boost conservation
  Riau forum asks Jokowi to help business save forests

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I recently spent some time on the island of Langkawi, Malaysia and found some wonderful wildlife right there in my resort at Burau Bay- Dusky Leaf Monkeys, Colugos, Spotted Gliding Lizards, Red Giant Flying Squirrels.  What a beautiful place that is.



Thanks to : Sophia Sak Baker, Andie Ang, Chan Kwok Wai, Vilma D'Rozario, Christine Fletcher, Horst Flotow, Con Foley, Graeme Guy, Dave Haylock, Tim Jackson, Benjamin Lee, Leong Tzi Ming, Joseph Lim, Kelvin Lim, Norman Lim, Celine Low, Shawn Lum, Ng Bee Choo, Tony O'Dempsey, Mark O'Shea, Bruce Paterson, Timothy Pwee, Subaraj Rajathurai, Stephen Richards, Morten Strange, Ria Tan, Andrew Tay, Robert Teo, Noel Thomas,  Yeo Suay Hwee  ... I get by with a little help from my friends.